Breast Lift Without Breast Implants Cost

Breast Lift Without Breast Implants Cost

Breast lift without breast implants cost varies according to the operation. Your figure may change with the effect of your age, sudden weight loss or your maladaptive lifestyle. Breast tissue is particularly sensitive to changes. And the effect of pregnancy and breastfeeding on breast beauty is often negative. The breast volume shrinks, sags and is not very pleasing to the eye for both women and their partners.

Plastic surgery helps to solve this problem by offering an operation to lift and correct the shape of the mammary glands. The aim of the surgery is to restore the normal shape and height of the breasts. Then you can read the rest of the article to learn about breast lift without breast implants cost.

Breast Lift Price

While breast surgery tightens the breast and gives it a beautiful shape, it also removes cracks in the lower parts of the mammary glands and the skin around the nipples. Often times, a breast lift is not just about correcting the shape itself. It enlarges or reduces their size by using implants of various sizes. In addition, the very large nipple can be reduced.

People over the age of 18 can apply for the surgery. But there are also some criteria. Ideal candidates are women with significant ptosis (ptosis) of their breasts, have the desired number of children, and are more or less stable in weight. These two factors are important. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and intense weight loss or frequent weight fluctuations may adversely affect the results of the surgery. If you do not have these conditions, you can search breast lift without breast implants cost.

Feature of Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours. The essence of the operation is the removal of excess skin from the mammary glands. The plastic surgeon removes all the excess of the stretched skin, shifts its volume and nipple upwards, and applies cosmetic stitches after these manipulations are completed.

As a result, the lifted skin takes a beautiful shape and looks very attractive. The technique of the surgery is selected individually by the plastic surgeon depending on many different factors: the degree, shape and size of breast sagging, age, skin condition of the patient, general health. If all this is not a problem, you can talk about breast lift without breast implants cost with your doctor.

Risks and Disadvantages of Breast Lift

As with any surgical procedure, breast lift surgery also carries risks. Risks include: bleeding, possibility of infection, scar hypertrophy, and decreased sensitivity. Your doctor will give you detailed information on how to minimize the risks. You can also learn about the changing breast lift without breast implants cost, as you will be under the control of a doctor for 1 year.

How Much Is a Breast Surgery?

Breast reduction/augmentation and lift procedures can be great options for women who want to lift or reposition their breasts. They are also effective operations for any woman who wants to correct the size or shape of her breasts.

To talk about the price of this surgery, it is necessary to know the general examination of the patient. Because unexpected treatments can be done before the surgery, 2 procedures during the surgery and different treatments after the surgery. That’s why you should have a detailed discussion with your doctor before talking about breast lift without breast implants cost.

Lift and Implants

Breast lift surgery is designed to raise the sagging breast and restore its height and elasticity. It is often necessary to combine a breast lift with the placement of implants to add volume and elasticity. As a result of the surgery, it is possible to obtain an upright and proportional breast.

High and firm breasts are a sign of youth and health. In many women, sagging of breast tissue and loss of elasticity occur as a result of age-related changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding or after weight loss. For this reason, especially women start to research breast lift without breast implants cost.

What Can Be Done After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After the operation, you will stay in the hospital for 2-3 days, then you will be taken to the outpatient clinic observation. For a while, you may be bothered by pain or discomfort in the chest area, numbness and the appearance of edema when moving. These situations will disappear in 2-3 weeks.

For one month after the operation, you should avoid lifting weights, entering the sauna, swimming pool or solarium. After learning about breast lift without breast implants cost, the result can be evaluated in three to four months. Post-operative scars get less attention over time. In this way, you can wear low-cut clothes and swimsuits.

Breast Lifting Without Implants

There are many breast lift techniques, but the most common are an incision around the nipple and a vertical incision from the nipple to the crease under the breast. The breast tissue is redistributed to move to a new location and a new fuller breast shape is created. As a result of the surgery, thin scars and visible vertical scars remain around the areola. These are probably the information you will be given when talking about breast lift without breast implants cost.

How Much Breast Lifting Without Breast Implants Cost?

The desire to straighten the breasts is in almost every woman. Breast correction or breast augmentation is one of the most popular areas of plastic surgery. Breast lift surgery is an operation that improves the condition of your breast; enlarging, reducing, tightening, eliminating asymmetry. Breast lift takes 1.5-3 hours. The duration of the operation largely depends on the experience of the surgeon and the volume of the planned operation.

It is very normal to have temporary pain after surgery. You should follow all your doctor’s recommendations to speed up the post-operative recovery process and reduce the risks. Don’t forget to contact surgeons for more information about breast lift without breast implants cost.

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