Balding Age

Balding Age Congratulations, you just graduated, moved from your home town and headed for a new experience in another city or probably abroad, with full excitement you wake up every morning and look at yourself with a big smile.. Until the moment you notice it..

Your hair is getting thinner, everytime you shower you feel like you are losing more hair everyday. “is it because I am stressed ? Am I not eating healthy ? no probably it is my shampoo” and you go into a paranoia and you start searching the web, asking friends and family, and finally realising that you are at that age, the balding age where not only you, but almost two thirds of people experience it in a way or another.

So what is this balding age ? is it the same for everyone or are there factors that can alter it from one individual to another ? Continue reading this article to find the answers you are looking for.

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Hair loss causes

Balding is a result of an excessive hair loss, that most people may suffer over a very long period of time. In most cases we talk about years of continued hair loss. And in many of those cases, the individual gets aware of it late enough for a remedy.

Over the past few decades, awareness about balding got higher, even teenagers started to think of it at least once before they really start to experience it, which can ironically be

the reason for an anticipated hair loss.

It has become a scientifically proven fact, that’s stress is among the many causes of hair loss and balding, but not only that, many factors can lead to this problem, as for balding age, it cannot actually be defined by a specific age, nor narrowed to smaller period of a person’s life.

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On average, the hair thinning starts by entering into adulthood ages, making the balding age period between the early 20s and mid 40s. In this period most both men and women are more likely to experience hair loss and even balding.

Different balding ages from one to another

Although it is commonly known that everyone one faces hair loss in their early 20s it is actually not always the case. Balding age can differ from one person to another depending on the type of hair loss he is experiencing.

The most common hair loss type is pattern baldness, for that we find two different namings for both men and women, male pattern baldness, and female pattern baldness. It is directly related to inherited genes condition (and not a disease) where hair follicle cells get a mixture of DNA changes, resulting in the alteration of the hair regeneration cycle.

To learn more about pattern baldness check our blog for more detailed information.

Thankfully solutions for this issue had been in a continued development for decades, as remedies, essential oils and many other alternative attempts have been tested by millions of people, it has become a definite fact that nothing can actually stop hair loss once it starts.

The solution is there, presented first by the Japanese, hair transplantation showed excellent results in solving the problem.

Hair transplant curing balding

Hair transplant is an aesthetic procedure that consists of three two main steps, hair graft extraction, and hair graft implantation.

People who suffered balding at some age, can certainly recover the hair they lost, but not stop the hair loss itself. During the most pattern baldness, hair is mostly lost from the scalp and crown area, and in more than 90% of cases, sides and back of the head keep healthy grafts.

The area where grafts are extracted, called the donor area. Hair follicles are healthy and unaffected by the genetic condition or by the majority of balding factors. Therefore they are everyone’s last hope to cover the bald area.

It is recommended to consult your doctor about your condition. You can also benefit from Clinicexpert’s free online diagnosis to learn more about your condition, or whether you are at that balding age yet or not.

Hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey leads several developed countries in the health sector. The attraction of global tourists to Turkey has created one of the fastest growing industries in the history of this country.

In a business that makes 4 billion dollars annually and growing, the Turkish government had without doubt a great attention to this matter. Investors around the country have competed in a market to create the best hospitals for hair transplant and aesthetic surgery. Among these Hospitals we should mention ClinicExpert Hospital, which leads the competition by providing the top doctors in the country in both hair transplant and aesthetic surgeries.

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