Hair Thinning On Sides

Androgenetic Alopecia is one of the main causes behind Hair loss for both males and females. For men on one hand, it primarily appears on the temples taking the shape M, and then it spreads all over the head starting from the vertex area, and it may eventually lead to total baldness. For women on the other hand, This type of hair loss occurs in the top of the head, and unlike the male one, Female Androgenetic Alopecia rarely results in complete baldness. In this article, we are going to shed light on Hair Thinning On Sides by accentuating the reasons of this common problem, its multitudinous consequences and Its possible solutions.

Hair Thinning On Sides

Firstly, before underlying the various possible treatments of Hair thinning on sides, we need to highlight the main reasons that lie behind this prevalent issue.

Hereditary causes: It is regarded as one of the main reasons that leads to hair thinning on sides, and if we do not treat it early, it may cause full baldness especially for males.

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Psychological causes: The mental  disorders as well ;such as: stress, anxiety, post- traumatic stress disorder, agitation, paranoia, depression …ect are considered as a major cause behind Hair Thinning on sides which could eventually result in hair loss.

Some medical conditions

also lead to this familiar issue including hormonal disorders for example during pregnancy or in the aftermath of childbirth, diabetes, high  blood pressure, heart diseases, thyroid disorders, infections, autoimmune illnesses…

Environmental causes

like humidity, lack of vitamin d ( sun exposure), hair pollution, smoke, Chemical substances ( like the chlorine in the pool water ), the constituents of water that we use on a daily basis either for shower or drinking ( it is quite important to know that the high pH level of hard water negatively affects our hair ), leads to Hair thinning.

Smoking: Generally, everyone knows that smoking has deleterious effects on our health, but only a few know that smoking and Hair thinning on the sides are intertwined. In fact, cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that disturbs and distorts the blood circulation which consequently prevents the oxygen from reaching the hair follicles and damages the hair.

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Unhealthy Hair care routine

is also regarded as one of the reasons that triggers hair thinning.Using chemical products such as hair colourants, or any hair products containing parabens, sulfate, sodium that we may find in shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, soothing creams… is an example.

Unhealthy diet

which lacks the necessary vitamins, proteins, irons, is also deemed to be  a fundamental cause that leads to hair thinning on sides.

After underscoring the multiple reasons that trigger hair thinning, What are the side effects of this common issue?

Hair thinning on the sides

may seem as a very simple matter for some people, but for others it may cause serious psychiatric impacts such as low self esteem, stress, anxiety and low self-confidence. Therefore, we can consider the mental disorders as both a cause and an outcome of Hair thinning. So what are the possible solutions for Hair Thinning?

If you remark that your hair starts thinning on the temples, you have to rapidly find a solution before your situation gets worse.

The first step you need to take is consulting an experienced doctor: Once you realize that your hair is getting thin, don’t panic, and consult a competent doctor. And here we need to mention that Turkey is considered as the best country in this domain:thus; you may contact one of its well-known international hospitals like, clinic expert hospital and you may get a free diagnosis online. This is so important, because depending on the case of every patient, the solution differs. There are multiple efficient treatments for Hair Thinning on sides including:

Stick to A healthy diet: you need to follow a healthy diet that  includes all the basics : the irons,  all the necessary vitamins ( A, C ,D ,E ..ect) and the proteins to strengthen your hair follicles، and hence to get rid of hair thinning.

Avoid using any products that contain chemical substances

like the  paraben,  the sulfates and the sodium.

You can inject PRP injections or undergo the Low-Laser Therapy: Both procedures are viewed as a highly efficient treatment for Hair thinning as well.

STOP SMOKING: do not undermine the damaging impacts of this habit on our hair. Stop smoking, and you will notice the results shortly.

Stick to a regular hair-care routine by nourishing your hair roots using natural products such as olive oil, lavender oil, almond oil either separately or by mixing them altogether at least one per week.

To conclude, Hair Thinning on sides is a very familiar issue that almost 70% of people worldwide suffer from . If one of you faces this issue one day, do not diminish it or undermine it, but fastly consult an experienced doctor to figure out its cause(es), and to find out the necessary actions you need to take  before you eventually lose your hair.

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