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Bald Color Hair Hair loss problem is a problem that every person may encounter, which is seen in men and women and is divided into various types and progresses by feeding on habits in many areas of your life. Does your hair color gradually lighten or does your hair weaken and become weak at this stage? 

At this point, the symptom of baldness and the color of the hair that starts to bald will be evident. In this article, we will explain the causes of hair loss and baldness, the hair structure and color of an individual who begins to bald, and most importantly, how you can regain your hair.

What is Bald Color Hair?

The hair structure of those who reach an advanced stage of the onset of baldness can be described as bald color hair because this hair is very sparse, fragile, light in color, almost negligible, weak, poor quality. In this stage of baldness, the hair on your head can be a pain, because it is very difficult to maintain and it is not a phrase that you can only save. 

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It disturbs you, makes you look tired, makes you look like a mature age, especially for women, as a very depressing situation. It pillages many areas from the quality of life to emotional changes, poor quality, and weak hair structure. Because every person wants to stand out with their beauty, but women pay more attention to this feature. In men, it can also take place in your life as a distressing situation at many stages, from an old appearance to an insecure posture and being the subject of waves. Bald color hair is a major disadvantage that will create negative effects for you. So let’s examine how you can come to this stage. 

Less Sleep Cause Hair Loss?

What is Hair Loss and What Does It Feed On?

Hair loss occurs for various reasons in individuals regardless of gender. Hair loss can be associated with the person’s health conditions, diseases, and treatment methods. A lot of people are living hair loss due to various diseases. The chemotherapy process used in cancer treatments is heavy and hair shed. Diabetes, like another disease, also raises the disorder of sugar regulation. Hair loss may occur due to the effect of insulin injections taken during treatment. 

Another is, antidepressants and various drugs used in depression, mood disorders, hair loss may occur with the side effects of herbal teas. Apart from these, your living standards and various habits such as alcohol and smoking, unhealthy diet, irregular sleep, and poor sleep can cause hair loss. Less sleep is harmful to the human body, when the body sleeps less, the necessary enzymes cannot be absorbed during sleep and the nervous system cannot be regulated. In this context, hair loss comes with it. With the genetic transfer, hair loss is transmitted through genes. In other words, the baldness gene, which is carried by the x chromosome from the mother or father, is transferred to individuals. In summary, hair loss and baldness occur with the diseases and treatments we mentioned and genetic transfers.

Can Bald Color Hair Be Removed, What are the Methods?

Weak hair structure and regeneration of shed hair can now be eliminated. Preventing hair loss with hair transplant and restoring your outgoing hair is simple with world-famous procedures. Treatments are applied at a level that will make you look you want. FUE and DHI technique in hair transplant is a quality technique, it is a world-renowned procedure because it is performed with the latest technology.

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Surgical Hair Replacement

What Stages Does the FUE Technique Include?

In the FUE technique, analyzes are made before hair transplantation procedures, hair follicles taken from various parts of the body are collected for hair transplantation in appropriate areas. These roots are healed by our specialist doctors with keratin and various vitamins, hair strands are taken on bald or open hair are added. The stages are doing with doctor’s controls, it is continued to those who are checked whether or not it is efficient and gives results in a short time.

In the DHI technique, hair follicles are taken from different parts of our body. Such as the neck or beard or chest area. To regenerate our hair, and the follicles taken from different parts, the neck, beard, or chest area are taken with individual needles and transplanted by our doctors in sterile environments in the FUE technique. The stages of the techniques we have mentioned are examined each time, if there are missing parts of hair, the planting process is repeated and continued until the result is obtained.

You should choose our company to get the result you want from hair transplant:

You can be treated with our expert doctor staff that our company will offer you. Our doctors perform the procedures with the help of tests and analysis with the latest technologies. They do your hair controls regularly and frequently and work regularly until they get the necessary efficiency. They make use of the techniques we mentioned to achieve the natural-looking hair you want and perform it with the latest technology in the highest quality ways. During the transplantation of your hair, sterile environments and disinfected instruments provide hair transplantation by creating suitable environments so that your skin will not be damaged.

You should not risk yourself and your health by resorting. To other means, you should not get the idea that you can be treated with herbal, you should consider their side effects. Otherwise, you may experience undesirable consequences and you can prepare a suitable ground for the progression of baldness. You should start with completely doctor-oriented and approved studies. At this point, you can surrender yourself to the reliable hands we offer for you and get the result you want from us. Our doctors and we care about your health and your emotions, we apply the necessary procedures to ensure that you have your standard of living, new hair, and quality, lush, natural-looking hair. Therefore, you may choose us, we want you to know that we will be proud of our work for you.

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