Why Is My Hair Falling Out Fast?

Why Is My Hair Falling Out Fast?During the body’s self rejuvenation, our cells tend to regenerate on a daily basis. Almost 70 years ago, researchers discovered that our body self regenerates dead cells, while different cells have different life spans, some of the cells only live 4 days to die and regenerate, others may last up to 15 years.

Skin cells, including hair follicle cells are among those that have a very short life span with an average of 14 days. This explains the daily hair falling or shedding. It is completely normal to shed an average of 50 to 100 hairs per day, if you feel like you are shedding more than this average, it means that your hair is falling out fast, and you are probably experiencing a type of hair loss.

Continue reading this article to learn more about hair loss causes, potential remedies, and some valuable tips to put an end to this long lasting issue.

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Hair loss and balding causes

Losing a significant amount of hair will definitely lead to emotional distress and can affect a person’s both social and professional life in a very negative way. Ironically, stress is one relevant cause of hair falling out fast. Stress leads to hair loss, hair loss leads to stress, creating a paradox for the bearer of both. But stress isn’t the only or the main reason for hair loss. Among the most common causes leading to falling hair are as follows :

  • Genetic and hereditary factors: the female pattern baldness known as the Androgenetic alopecia occurs mainly due to heredity and genetic factors. 90% of women who have female pattern baldness, have the same issue in their families history.
  • Medical condition and medication : Some diseases can cause a heavy hair loss. Several medications taken to heal from some certain illnesses can have a side effect that eventually leads to hair loss.
  • The unhealthy hair routine: A lot of women do not pay attention to the constituents of the hair products they are using regularly. And they apply hair products ( like hair colourants, hair lotions, hair conditioners, shampoos, Hair sprays, hair oils, hair creams..etc). Silicone, parabens, sulfates… are chemicals that force hairstyle and alter the shape of your hair, which will definitely lead to your hair falling out fast.
  • Iron deficiency : A simple blood test can show whether iron deficiency is experienced. Iron is a main element in the birth of new hair cells.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency : The lack of this vitamin leads to the lack of energy, thus the blood cells fail to transfer oxygen to the all body cells and focus on most vital ones.

Regrowing your fallen hair

Why Does My Hair Fall Out? After pinpointing the cause of the experienced hair loss, whether it turns out to be due to a medical condition or an external factor, you are up in a race to help your scalp regenerate more cells than it loses. This can be achieved by changing by following these tips :

  • Less combing
  • Limit visits to the hairstyler
  • While washing the hair, you should rub less, or at least rub your scalp skin gently
  • Study your diet, follow your protein intake and try to monitor the vitamin levels in your body
  • Use Chemical free shampoos and remedies (Please note that not all essentials oils promote hair growth just cause they are essentials oils)
  • Try to stress less, or at least get over with the stress that you are experiencing.
  • Consult a doctor to learn more about your condition and what may go well with you

By following these tips you can limit your hair loss. Unfortunately, they cannot regrow the lost hair, as reviving dead cells is impossible. If you have lost a significant amount of hair due to your hair falling out fast, you may consider the alternative but an effective way to restore your look. In this case we are highlighting the hair transplant operation as a definite solution to fix what time stole from you. To learn more about hair transplant operations and procedures, you may contact hair transplant experts in Turkey and benefit from a free online diagnosis.


It is normal to lose some of your hair on a daily basis. On average, most people will lose around 50 to 100 hairs per day.

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If you think that your case doesn’t match the average acceptable hair shedding, and you notice that your hair is falling out fast, you should consult a doctor or an expert in hair loss resolutions. You can have a free medical consultancy for a full online diagnosis through contacting Turkey’s top hair experts.

Millions of people around the world have successfully managed to either stop their hair loss, or even restore the hair that had already been lost. So worry not, you shall never lose hope! Why Does My Hair Fall Out?

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