Types Of Hair Fall In Male

Types Of Hair Fall In Male Hair loss is one of the biggest health problems. There’s a lot of commentary on it, but it’s hard to find really useful information. That’s why products that claim to constantly grow new hair are being designed. To know that these products really work, it is necessary to know the type of hair fall in male. Because the solutions vary according to the cause of the problem.

Does Genetic Cause Hair Loss?

If your mother’s father is bald, there is probably that you yourself will have to deal with hereditary hair loss in the future. If your father also has to deal with androgenetic Alopecia, this odds will only increase. Even if hair loss and / or baldness do not run in families on the mother’s side, it is still possible that you will experience hair loss.

Are Hair Care Products Effective?

Proven hair growth products can in some cases reduce or stabilize hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia. However, they are not products that accelerate hair growth. Never use a hair growth product without a prescription, the products can have severe and sometimes permanent side effects. It should not be used without the knowledge of doctors, especially after hair transplant in Turkey.

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Is Hair Loss Temporary?

Temporary hair loss has various causes. After medical treatment and / or drug use, the hair growth process starts to recover after the last treatment. Depending on the cause of the hair loss, hair growth will recover at its own pace. It is often a matter of waiting patiently. Hair grows an average of 1 cm per month. You can only see results after a few months.

Can Hair Fall Be Avoided Through A Healthy Diet?

It has not been scientifically proven that hair loss can be prevented by adjusting the diet. What is certain is that a varied diet can keep your hair looking healthy. Avoid an abundance of ingredients that will adversely affect your hair. An excess of certain fats and sugars has a negative effect on hair growth. Switching to a healthy diet is also not immediately visible.

Is Male And Female Hair Fall Different?

Androgenetic alopecia affects both men and women. This form of hereditary baldness in men is often first visible at the coves, these are deeper. After the inlets follow the crown and finally the whole head is bald. Hair loss in women is more evenly distributed. The hair becomes noticeably thinner. But thanks to the best hair transplant technique, women can get rid of baldness without shaving their hair.

Do Hair Care Products Shed Hair?

Excessive washing, blow-drying too hot, prolonged exposure to the sun, damage caused by chemical perms and damage caused by colours and dyes. Hair growth can be damaged in several ways. You have a big part in this. If you want to blow dry your hair after washing, do not set the hairdryer to the hottest setting. It is better to blow dry with colder air.

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Is Hair transplant Permanent?

The hairs in your hair ring, the back of your head, have a different genetic makeup than hairs elsewhere on the head. These hairs are not sensitive to the DHT hormone that causes baldness. During a hair transplant, hair follicles are harvested from your hair crown and transplanted into the desired areas. Once the hair growth process is restored, the transplanted hair follicles will produce hair for a lifetime.

Are Hair Transplantation Results Successful?

Cosmetic surgery such as DHI and FUE the best hair transplant and hair stem cell transplants are applied to men and women. Not everyone is suitable for such treatment. Your suitability is determined by an attending specialist of hair transplant clinics and depends on a number of factors. The factors that play a role are the cause of the hair loss, the degree of baldness, the presence of donor material and the quality of the donor material.

DHI Technique for Hair Fall

If hair loss cannot be stopped, baldness may occur later. The most reliable way of dealing with this is hair transplant Turkey. Baldness can be treated permanently, especially thanks to the recently developed method DHI. The most important thing that distinguishes this method from FUE is that the procedure is performed with Choi implanter, which is a medical pen.

Patients do not encounter too much pain and the possibility of side effects with the operations performed by making small holes before cuts occur on the scald. After a short time they can return to daily life and after 6 months they can see the effect completely. Depending on types of hair fall in men, the recommendations of specialists should also be taken into account. Types Of Hair Fall In Male

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