Best Way To Fix Receding Hairline

Best Way To Fix Receding Hairline The male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss worldwide that affects 90% of men whose hair is extremely falling; this pattern appears first as a receding hairline, and then  it affects the vertex area (the crown of the head):thus; one of the most frequently asked questions is the following: what is the best way to fix receding hairline? This is what we are going to highlight in this article by underlying the existing treatments and the best way to fix receding hairline.

It is impossible to find out the best way to fix receding hairline before finding the main reason that lies behind this issue.So what are the main factors of this irritating problem? 

  • The Androgenetic Alopecia: the main cause of a receding hairline or the male pattern baldness is this type of alopecia. It is a genetic alopecia that occurs due to hereditary factors. All the reports and researches that the International Society Of Hair Restoration surgery (ISHRS) have conducted, proved that 80% of people whose hairline is receding have the same issue in the family history.  
  • The nutritional deficiencies: another factor that may result in a receding hairline is related to some dietary problems such as the lack of proteins, vitamins and minerals. 
  • The traction Alopecia: A receding hairline may also occur due to this type of alopecia: it takes place because of hairstyles that put pressure on the front area of the hair such as the african hairstyles, the tiny ponytails, the dreadlocks, the cornrows, the tight braids, hair extensions and weaves….etc. 
  • Hormonal disorders: in some cases, the receding hairline may occur because of hormonal disturbances that usually take place during pregnancy, menopause, the period or hormonal illnesses like the thyroid. 
  • Chronic diseases: some chronic diseases like the severe heart problems, the blood pressure, the second type of diabetes can cause receding hairline.
  • The use of certain medicines: in some cases, receding hairline may occur due to the regular and daily use of certain medicines like: the medicines used for the precedently mentioned diseases including the heart problems, the blood pressure, the diabetes or also the hormonal medicines like the childbirth pills such as the contraceptive pills. 
  • The regular use of unhealthy and chemical products: the excessive use of hair products that contain parabens, sulfates, silicone…etc, extremely damages the hair and may result in a receding hairline. 

So obviously, there are multiple and different factors that may result in a hair loss or a receding hairline, hence for every case there is a certain treatment. And after knowing the main cause of your case, you can find the best way to fix receding hairline

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The treatments could be classified into two categories: 

  • The treatment for the chronic or hereditary hair loss: in case the receding hairline occurs due to hereditary reasons such as the Androgenetic alopecia. And in case the doctor finds out that the hair follicles in this area are totally dead leading to baldness, the best way to fix receding hairline is hair transplant. This operation is done by harvesting hair roots from the donor area of the head and transplanting them in the bald area of the head which is the hairline. 
  • The treatment for temporary and partial hair loss: unlike the chronic hair loss, in many cases when the receding hairline is temporary, and the hair follicles are still alive but partially damaged, and there is no clear or large bald area, the best way to fix receding hairline is totally different from the hair transplant. In this case there are multiple ways that include: 
  • The healthy diet: as we mentioned above, some people may witness a receding hairline because they have some dietary problems. Thus, the best solution for them is to organize their diet, and to daily consume a totally healthy food that contains all the necessary nutritional constituents like the proteins, the vitamins and the minerals. 
  • The Platelet-rich Plasma: this is also one of the most efficient treatments that could help you to utterly get rid of hair loss or hair thinning in any part of the head. 
  • The Low- laser therapy: it is a laser helmet that is put on your head for around thirty minutes per session. It has been developed recently in order to stop receding hairline and grow it back. 
  • The treatment of the underlying diseases: in case your hair is receding due to hormonal disturbances or  other diseases like the chronic ones, the only treatment to solve this issue is to totally cure the illness. 

To conclude, the best way to fix receding hairline is to consult a competent doctor who will first figure out the main factor of this problem which differs from one case to the other, and then he will choose for you the best option that fits your case.

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