Follicle Hair Transplant In San Francisco

Follicle Hair Transplant In San Francisco Hair loss is can be annoying for your aesthetic or psychological. Hair loss is unfortunately a popular satiation for men and even women. All around the world search new solutions. In this article we will talk about follicle hair transplant in San Francisco. Their technique is looks quite good and advanced. Hair transplantation techniques in San Francisco are now more advanced than the past. One hundred percent natural results with maximum comfort and nice service.

The most adult men and one third of women complain of hair loss. Male pattern baldness occurs as a result of shortening of the hair growth cycle. This solution shrinks and weakens new hair. Hair loss can happen for some different factors for example genetic factors if it is happening because of your genetic it means it will continue all of your adult life

Fortunately, it is easier and safer for men and women to maintain and restore hair than in the past. Normal medicines and surgeries are advanced with technology.

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There are a lot of options for hair transplant in these days. You can feel like the biggest problem is what should you choose. In these days’ options are, inject table products, oral products, from fully manual to fully robotic techniques have everything that’s why you can be confused about it. So, which of these strategies will be best for you?

Three Different Treatments for Hair Transplant

The object is your aesthetic and your psychology it is quite important for us, and we should talk about these three techniques and after warranty you will choose the best strategy for yourself. The first one is pretty old and a little useless for some doctors but even so we should talk about it. Its name is FUT

FUT is performed by taking the hair follicles from the donor area in a straight line and planting them in the area to be transplanted. With the development of technology in recent years, the FUT method has been replaced by FUE and the newer DHI. Don’t worry we will talk about every hair transplant techniques step by step. The Other question is Who is the FUT Method Applied to?

Who is the FUT Method Applied to?

FUT technique is can apply for everyone who appropriate for hair transplant. If we should talk about details, we can give some details about it. Over age the of twenty-two, have permanent hair loss from genetic, if you want to try this technique you should have a good donor area and good general health if you have all of them it means you are appropriate for this technique. We have to keep go for find to the best hair transplant technique. Unfortunately, it can’t be the best one because of the disadvantages.

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Disadvantages of FUT Technique

This technique has some disadvantages, we thought like we should show them for our readers. The first one is, after the operation you can see a suture scar on are if you don’t want stitches it means risk of infection. There may be numbness or feel loss, some losses may occur in the collected hair follicle. May see swelling around the eyes, there is a possibility of hair turning. It can be dangerous. If you want second surgery you can see other sewing trail second sewing trail it can be annoying for every time. The recovery time is longer than other ones, suture is more pain after the operation. We can count other disadvantages, but we should talk to better techniques. Let’s start on FUE

What is FUE technique and what are its advantages

We can say FUE technique is better than FUT to prove this we can show you some advantages different from FUT. FUE method is a process without cutting and sewing. Unlike other techniques, the patient does not wait between sessions. After operation, you can never see any sewing trail. This technique is useful for men and women. Recovery time is quite short. It means you can turn your life quickly. With FUE technique you can do eyebrow transplant or beard transplant it more useful than FUT.

Hair transplant is completed quickly in less time. Probably these are enough to show you it is better but not the best. The best hair transplant technique is DHI for why? Firstly, just expert doctors can do this technique, this technique guarantees you can’t feel any hurt. Even any! It is the fastest technique, it allows more densely transplanted, so it means more natural view. The risk of hair follicle loss is minimized. For other techniques you should wait loss all of your hair but not for this you can do earlier. A fairly rapid healing process, but we told this technique is just for expert doctors, and now we will talk about where can you find these doctors of course the answer is Hair transplant Turkey.

The quality of hair transplantation in Turkey

The quality of hair transplantation in Turkey is at least as good as follicular hair transplantation in San Francisco. Turkey is on the first place with its advanced technology, expert doctors, friendly staff and more. Firstly, you have to know Turkey has expert doctors about DHI technique. Hair transplant sector is very important because it is a part of health sector. In Turkey huge sums of money are spent on the healthcare sector that’s why hair transplant sector is very advanced sector in Turkey if you want a location, we can easily say you should try Istanbul hair transplant sector to take the best experience.

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