Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation As widespread as it is, weight loss has grown into a fully-fledged industry. In fact, being overweight is a problematic for most people, due to the complications it may have on them both short and long-term.

The remedies for this global issue are many, however not all of them work. We all know that weight loss is much easier said than done. That’s why people tend to opt for easy solutions instead of energy-consuming activities and diets. It is a little sad but true, not all people having weight issues succeed in their quest to lose weight using exercising and diets. It doesn’t always work.

Ultrasonic cavitation is one of the solutions that might work for you.

What Does It Mean and How Does It Work?

It is a type of noninvasive body contouring that reduces the appearance of fat on the body. Technically, it is a simple procedure that relies on a device with sound waves to flush fat from the body without needing an intensive surgery.

During the procedure, the machine targets specific body arears with low-frequency sound waves (ultrasonic waves). The area will be exposed to heat and vibration.  This effect will take place at the layer of fat cells just below the skin surface. Consequently, the fat cells will be liquefied and released into the bloodstream. It is believed that the body can then process these fatty acids through the waste-disposal (lymphatic system).

Is Ultrasonic  Cavitation Effective?

Indeed, this procedure provides measurable results. The results will be obvious once you look in the mirror. However, note that it works in specific areas, and the results will start manifesting after some sessions. The best results can take weeks or even months to achieve. Your health history can also affect the results, add to that your body type. Seeing the result after only one session is not impossible. It might happen. However, most people need a certain number of ultrasonic cavitation treatments to get the results they’ve been wishing for.

If you are having this treatment, you should expect reduced circumference in the treated area and an overall contoured appearance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Procedure

The advantages:

  • Ultrasonic cavitation is painless.
  • Recovery time is minimal to nonexistent.
  • side effects are very rare.
  • It’s much less expensive than liposuction, even with a series of sessions.


  • It’s a real commitment. Most people need 10–12 weekly treatments, and you’ll have to wait up to two months after your last treatment while your body flushes the dead fat cells, to see your final results.
  • This and other nonsurgical fat reduction treatments are not weight-loss procedures. To be a good candidate, you’ll need to be already at your goal weight and looking only to remove a stubborn fat deposit.

However, this treatment seems to be a great option for a considerable amount of people due to its reliability.

Is It Safe?

Worry not! Ultrasonic cavitation is safe and comfortable. It is a noninvasive procedure that has almost no side effects. In addition, it doesn’t require anesthesia and leaves zero scars. It is designed to eliminate fatty tissues and does not affect vessels, nerves and connective tissues.

A Few Helpful Instructions

Pre-treatment, you will need to hydrate yourself as much as you can. You should drink plenty of water. It is necessary for the elimination of the fat. Maintaining a low calorie diet is also crucial post-treatment if you want to maintain the same results on the long term.

Ultrasonic Cavitation in Turkey

Turkey is a great destination for medical tourism. The country maintained a respectable position on the field over the years. It is considered as the best place for plastic surgery in the Middle East, and it is part of a strategy that was well played by the Turkish authorities and top investors. The market is just full of competition in terms of pricing and service quality. This explains the number of people who visit Turkey for medical services annually (over 1 million people per year).

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