Plastic Surgery- After Care

Taking care of yourself after surgery is very important and sometimes that also includes plastic surgery. Even though plastic surgery procedures are less invasive. they still require you to take good care of your skin. You may have a certain healing period where you need to be very attentive towards your skincare.

If you want to make sure that your skin heals quickly and in the best way possible, here are some tips you can try to:

1.    Adhere To Doctor’s Instructions

Most plastic surgeons provide all their patients with an extensive aftercare regime that can help them heal their wounds without any problems. Each procedure requires a different set of exclusive instructions and it is crucial that patients not only understand the post-op care but also make sure that they follow all the instructions to the T. If you fail to follow these instructions, you may have to face the consequences.

If you do not understand certain things you can always ask the practitioner and they will explain the needful. It is better to ask for an explanation rather than avoiding instructions.

2.    Get Help from Loved Ones

To nurse yourself back to health you need the right support system. Your loved ones can play the role of the caretaker and help you take care of your skin. They can be there, right by your side through it all. They might even accompany you and stay with you throughout the surgery. Your parents, sibling and\ close friends can be the perfect candidates for this role. They can take care of you, both physically and emotionally.

Having surgery is no walk in the park. You need the right kind of support system to make it through the entire procedure without any problems. You may look for someone who can help you care for things around the house. They must be able to cook for you, as you should avoid takeaway for as long as you can. You might have a very hard time for the first few days right after the surgery and you need someone who can keep up with your needs without being agitated.

3.    Stay Hydrated

Your skin needs an ample amount of water regularly but after a surgical procedure, it is best to increase your intake of water as your body might need more water to hydrate your skin. You might have lost fluids during the surgery and for your body to recover from that, you must increase your water consumption and give your body the fluids it needs to heal your skin.

4.    Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is more important than you think. If you eat a balanced diet, your body will get the right kind of nutrients and in the right amount for it to recover. After surgery, your body is in a weakened state. You need to consume a healthy diet so that there are enough nutrients and minerals for you to nurse back to health. Your recovery will amplify if your diet is high in calories. You might not be able to do that on your own and this is where your support system can come in. They can prepare the meals for you and make sure that you eat right.

However, if you feel that no one can do that for you then you can prepare your meals in advance and eat them throughout your recovery time.

5.    Do Not Overwork Yourself

Exerting yourself when you have just gotten out of surgery is probably not the best of ideas. Your body needs rest to recover and overworking will hinder your body from getting the rest you need. It is probably for the best if you take a few days off from work and spend your recovery time comfortably in your home. Even then you can get someone to help you around the house. They can take care of the cleaning and of getting you the food you want to eat.

If you do not rest enough to heal you might end up making things worse. And if you have stitches, you might end up rupturing them by excessive movement. Also if doctors suggest bed rest for your plastic surgery procedures make sure that you rest for as long as you want.

6.    Stay Away From the Sun

Sun exposure is damaging to your skin, which is why you must limit going out in the sun and take precautionary measures. Your plastic surgeon might ask you to wear sunblock regularly so that your skin is not in direct contact with the harmful skin rays. Not only should you be very keen on your sun block application, but you might also make sure that you wear clothes that help protect your skin against the harmful rays from the sun. If you sweat too much, you might harm your skin. It would be best to stay in a cool environment so that you don’t sweat profusely.

If you spend a lot of time under the sun, you might even dehydrate your skin and cause it to be flaky.

7.    Do Not Ignore Symptoms

During your healing time, be very attentive to your wounds. You must make sure that there are no infections or other problems with your wounds. Even if there are any such issues, you must address them right away. Do not wait and let your wound rot, contact an expert right away and let them take care of your wound for you.


Many people do not think of plastic surgery as sensitive but there is a lot that can go wrong if you do not take care. To prevent any mishaps, it is best to strictly follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon and make sure that you take care of your skin effectively. The experts at Clinic Expert advise patients to take precautionary measures for at least a month after surgery and ensure that all their wounds have healed.

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