Is FUE Hair Transplant Painful?

Is FUE Hair Transplant Painful? Before applying to hair transplant, many possibilities scare our eyes. Individuals who lose their hair are afraid of surgical operations for hair transplantation and often feel obliged to give up this stage for fear of the painful hair transplant process. At these stages, hair loss occurs due to various reasons and we may have negative thoughts about the sensations we receive from our environment about these reasons. We will inform you to eliminate this negative perception. We will explain under what conditions my hair has been lost, what a hair transplant is, and whether it is a painful process for you.

For What Reasons Does Hair Loss Occur and Involve Risks for You?

Hair loss is one of the problems that has disturbed individuals and undermines their self-confidence in the past. When we investigate the root of these problems, different reasons may arise. It can take shape according to your hair loss standards and your physical and emotional conditions. For example, if your illnesses, your busy life, and the way you work take over your life, there will inevitably be stress and hair loss. 

Consumption of ready-made food, excessive weight loss, and weight loss drugs, chemotherapy process, radiotherapy and radiation fields, smoking and alcohol consumption, sleep irregularity also make you lose your hair. Less sleep (the individual brings your body to the necessary condition by using the necessary enzymes between 4-7 hours and regulates your nervous system) is effective. Pregnancy process and obstetrics, general surgery, care products (shampoo, herbal, side effect).

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There are many causes of baldness such as exercising, not exercising and doing sports, B12 deficiency, hereditary transfers, hormonal problems, and excessive secretion of testosterone in men. These reasons will sometimes be the stages that you can control, sometimes genetic functions, operation, or hair transplantation. Thereby, we have explained the causes of hair loss, and let me discuss the aspects of hair transplant techniques that worry you.

Hair transplant is one of the methods frequently preferred by people who experience baldness and hair loss, but some people are afraid of hair transplantation due to some wrong thoughts. 

Some people ignore the benefit of hair transplantation, think that the transplantation procedures are painful or dangerous, want to stay away, and cannot get the hair they want. Well, as you think, let’s explain whether hair transplantation is done with procedures that will take your life away. 

The techniques used in hair transplant have been developed through today’s technologies, it is possible to relieve your concerns with the guidance and work of the clinic and physicians you apply because your doctors take control of the processes that you see as painful, at the optimum level and positively for you. During the applied procedures, the areas where hair transplantation is performed are anesthetized when necessary and pain is prevented. As a result, the hair transplantation process is made painless for you and brought by your chosen doctors, and it becomes a matter you should not worry about.

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What are the Techniques Used in Hair Transplant?

As we have mentioned, hair transplant techniques are a procedure that people with hair problems and baldness often resort to. The fact that these procedures are painless depends on our doctors and the clinic you choose. If your chosen doctors focus on you in hair transplantation, your pain during hair transplantation is minimized and eliminated. 

There are many different international techniques in hair transplantation and famous, different doctors and clinical companies mostly use the international technique FUE and DHI techniques. The pain rate of the application stages of these techniques is very low, you can establish a dialogue with the companies. You apply to get rid of your frightening thoughts at the necessary stages, you can get ideas on the issues that scare you and if you work with reliable doctors, the idea of ​​pain will completely disappear for you.

FUE technique:

FUE hair transplant technique, before the operation begins, the necessary conditions of the handle, skin analysis, examination, and testing of your head surface and hair structure. The mountainous hair follicles are taken from your body (neck, back of the ear, beard, or back area), unhealthy hair follicles area, or empty hair. It is a process that is provided by transplanting the follicles to the area where the transplantation is desired. Throughout the process, it is important to ensure your comfort. In most conditions through doctor’s supervision, various examinations, and analyzes, quality clinics and doctors are important in this context to prevent your fears.

DHI technique

Another technique is the DHI hair transplant method. Although it is one of the techniques known in the world, it is a method mostly preferred by doctors. Similar to the technique in technical terms, the use of needles in this process, in which the hair follicles are taken from different parts of your body. It is collected one by one and injected into the empty hair follicles with needles, do not scare you because depending on the request and conditions. Anesthetic studies can also be performed. The process can be performed at intervals of a maximum of 2-3 hours.

Hair transplant procedures and the fear of pain are a matter that should not look like a mountain for you, but if you leave yourself to quality and safe hands. It is possible to achieve quality, natural hair with the self-confidence and painless methods you want. We have explained the reasons for hair loss for you, based on these reasons when our doctors aim to perform these stages most correctly for you. You will be free from your worries when you serve you with the comfort you want, and you will be able to conclude at it is not really scary. When you take advantage of the opportunities by our company.

In summary, if you work with us for the hair you want, the idea of ​​hair transplant pain that you worry about will be a little funny joke for you. It will remain a fear that you can leave behind. Thanks to various checks and analyzes of our doctors. We want you to know that we interest in your hair and health, our discussion is aimed at the best.

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