How To Get Your Hairline Back Naturally?

How To Get Your Hairline Back Naturally? Hairline is an important element during hair transplantation. All the effort you put into a successful hair transplant can turn into a fiasco with a faulty hairline. Many experts work with great dedication to achieve a natural look. So what are the main factors in determining the hairline? If you don’t know how to get your hairline back naturally, you can easily find out.

What is Hairline?

Hair lines are actually an element of beauty that everyone pays attention to. However, nobody knows exactly where it covers. It is the point where our hair extends to our forehead and intersects with our face. Hairline is an important element for the aesthetic appearance of men and women. People who suffer from hair loss complaints say that their hair loss occurs especially from the front. This is a hormone-induced problem.

Hair opening from the sides is due to the excess of male hormone. Especially if male members in the family have genetic hair loss problems, it is likely that other people will also have this problem. If women have polycystic syndrome, they will also have to deal with hair loss from the sides of the hairline. Regional baldness is successfully treated in our hair transplant Turkey center.

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How To Determine The Hair Line?

There are many factors that should be considered when determining the hairline. By paying attention to these points, experts can achieve successful results;

  • The age and gender of the patient should be considered first. Because women’s hairlines are not as sharp as men. Therefore, a standard pattern should not be adapted. At the same time, the randomly determined hairline can make the person look older than they are.
  • The person’s hair type should still be considered. Determination of the hairline may also vary depending on the usage situation.
  • The direction of hair growth should be determined well. The best hair transplant technique can be made more perfect by calculating the direction of hair growth.
  • During hair transplantation, it is very important to talk to the patient and inform him about the determined hair lines.After the procedure, it will be healthier to show a detailed explanation or even a visual representation in order to create a certain picture in the patient’s mind and not to be disappointed.

Since all these operations are a challenging process, they must be performed by a successful specialist. Therefore, a good research should be done and recommendations should be listened to before determining a doctor.

Hairline Determination in Hair Transplant

In hair transplants for women and men, we take advantage of the particular resistance of the hair on the back of the head. This hair is usually immune to hereditary hair loss. Hair follicles from the back of the head that are transplanted to the affected areas such as the crown of the head or other areas with thinned hair are usually preserved for life.

Hair Transplant With A High Forehead

The hairline is decisive for the overall appearance. A high forehead is perceived by many as less attractive. If the hairline recedes further and further, it is therefore a great burden for many affected women. With the best hair transplant, the hairline can be adjusted so that you feel completely comfortable again.

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Correcting the hairline is recommended if you suffer from a high forehead. The approach of the hair is one of the decisive factors for your overall external appearance. For outsiders, the hair loss in this area of ​​the head can be seen particularly clearly. Many affected women are increasingly losing their self-confidence, as the symmetry and radiance of the face change significantly due to a receding hairline. The own hair transplant in Turkey, in which a hairline correction is carried out, can restore the original appearance.

What Method Is Used For Hairline?

We use the FUE method or the DHI method to pull down the hairline. The FUE method removes individual follicular units, which are processed in the hair transplant laboratory before transplanting them to the receiver area. Here they are inserted into a special nutrient solution and then transplanted.

In the DHI method, individual follicular units are also removed, but they are transplanted directly without intermediate storage. This has the advantage that the grafts are not exposed to unnecessary strain, which in turn has a positive effect on the healing as well as the growth rate. Both methods are suitable for a hair transplant on a high forehead. However, for how to get your hairline back naturally, the results can be achieved by the individual transplanting of the hair roots.

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