How Does Micropigmentation Work?

How Does Micropigmentation Work? With the development of technology new techniques in the hair transplant sector coming out. What is micropigmentation, which has important advantages in terms of patient comfort? How does micropigmentation work, which is an extremely practical technique? Every answers about these questions here with all details!

The micropigmentation technique is supported with natural products and in no way on the skin surface it is defined as an technique that does not cause deformity. Moreover, the absence of any risk of infection or inflammation is also effective in making this new technique popular. Thus, possible reactions that may occur during the hair transplantation process are prevented

As a new technique Micropigmentation technique must done by a team of experts in their field. At this point Turkey is shining with its experienced hair transplantation experts! Turkey is among the countries that successfully perform these types of technics. Turkey international quality in hair transplantation it is also highly appreciated as a country with its standards.

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The Place of Micropigmentation In The Hair Transplant Sector

We talked about how does micropigmentation work but also we have to talk about what is it? Firstly what is micropigmentation. Everybody knows science and technology are advancing with each passing day and health and beauty industry is advancing with them. With new treatment techniques, solutions can now be offered for many ailments. This progress which contributed to the improvement of health care and across different fields, has helped the development of diagnosis and treatments in hair loss. One of these innovations is micropigmentation also it is so important for hair transplant sector too. It has some different names such as hair pigmentation, hair tattoo or micropigmentation. Is the process of producing a special device, tip and micro needles, a coloring agent for scalp.

Some Information About Micropigmentation

There are some information about that, after these you will get this is the best hair transplant. It is not a surgical method, in this method, a cyclic device that fires at a constant depth is used. With micro pigments, real hair follicles are imitated. An image is created as if there is a hair follicle on the head. It aims at minimize the difference between hair and scalp and prevent it from looking lighter. It is an image-based manipulation technique. Its permanence is can be three or four years, depending on the skin structure of the person.

Dyes applied to the scalp are removed from the whole body during this period. In the micropigmentation application, primary natural dyes are used and this prevents future pigments from changing color. It’s possible to perform micropigmentation with two different usage styles. The two usages have the same way, but they have different goals. The first of these is the micropigmentation process in which the hair is shaved completely. Another can be called the shading technique for long hair. The first one is made to imitate real hair follicles. The goal of the second one is to camouflage the thinned areas or voids to match the existing hair color.

Different other technique

If we give an example for other technique you will understand better for example Microblading, cannot be done with tattoo pigments because the needles used in tattooing are applied to the deeper part of the skin. If they try with tattoo way pigments are dispersive, dark spots may appear with this problem permanent dyes used in tattooing stage can change color in time. Black colors may turn green or blue. This situation changes the appearance of the hair and spoils it. Due to these differences hair transplant Turkey advices micropigmentation and also we can make a little comparison.

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Differences Between Micropigmentation and Microblading

Micropigmentation is done with a device, microblading is done with a stick resembling a special knife. They have different dyes we should say dyes of micropigmentation better than dyes of microblanding we talked about these reasons at first paragraph. Micropigmentation is more permanent than microblading. While we can do three techniques with micropigmentation, we can do only one technique with microblading.

Micropigmentation is done with special needles while microblading is done with a blade system. Micropigmentation stays twelve to twenty-four months, microblading stays for nine to twelve months. Finally, we should talk about hair transplant and hair transplant in Turkey because as we said at the beginning micropigmentation has an important place for hair transplant, we know Turkey hair transplant is important for hair transplant sector.

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