Hairline Loss

Hairline Loss According the the International Society Of Hair Restoration, more than 85% of men around the world are likely to suffer from hair loss, and 95% of this issue is due to Androgenetic Alopecia and genetic reasons which appears first in the form of hairline loss, and then It spreads all over the head to include the top of the head, the crown or the vertex area, and it may eventually lead to complete baldness if it is not treated early. This article  will accentuate the hairline loss which is highly annoying and bothersome as it leads to psychological stress and low- self esteem, by answering the most recurrent questions related to this topic: what is the receding hairline? What are the causes that lie behind it? Is it curable? If yes, what are the best existing Treatments for this problem? And can we prevent it from occurring?

First of all what is this matter?

Hairline loss is a common type of hair falling that is considered as one of the main symptoms of the male-pattern baldness. And here we need to open a small parenthesis about this pattern to clarify its symptoms; if you notice that your hairline is receding either all of it, or  from the sides and  temples of the head in the shape of M, and then you remark that your vertex area is getting thin as well and the hair in this part starts shedding, so definitely you have a male-pattern baldness. Rarely, the hairline loss may occur due to other factors such as the regular use of chemical products, the traction alopecia which is caused by the tight hairstyles, like the tight braids and ponytail or due to the

Trichotillomania which is a mental disorder that is classified under the obsessive-compulsive disorder ( OCD ) and it is a constant pathological urge to pull the hair from the  body either the eyebrows, the scalp or the beard.

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But after the great development that has occurred in the medical domain recently, have they invented any treatments for this issue? If yes, are they really effective?

During the last decades multiple medical treatments have been developed to get rid of hairline loss and hair falling in general, depending on the case of every patient and depending on the competence and credibility of the doctor, the best fit treatment would be determined. Those processes include:

  • Medications: sometimes the receding hairline may occur due to some nutritional deficiencies like the lack of proteins ,vitamins and minerals. In this case, the doctor may suggest for you some dietary supplements that your body lacks such as the vitamin A, C, H, D , the zinc, the omega 3…etc.
  • The Platelet- Rich Plasma injections: it is a highly effective treatment which is done by drawing blood from the patient’s body, centrifuging it for 10 minutes, and then injecting the Platelet- Rich Plasma in the damaged area where the hair is falling. It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, which enhances the transfer of the proteins to the hair grafts, and thus it strengthens the follicles and stops the hair shedding.
  • Low- Level Laser Therapy: this is one of the most recent treatments that is highly successful  against the hairline loss. It is done through multiple sessions starting from six sessions to twelve, either once or twice per week depending on the situation of every patient.

But, it is necessary to mention that the above-mentioned options stop the hair falling, stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens the existing hair follicles, but they do  not grow the hair in an area where the follicles are totally dead

In this case the best option for you is:

Hair Transplant process

if you suffer from a receding hairline, and you notice that the front area is getting bald, you should consult a doctor to check if you are eligible for this process. If you are a candidate for this procedure, you should take into consideration that Turkey is the best country worldwide to undergo it, and there are various International hospitals that are known by their credibility, competence and professionalism as well as their reasonable prices there such as Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul; the one that developed the most recent method in hair transplant which is DHI PRO.

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It is classified as a very effective non-surgical procedure which could be done without even shaving the hair under local anesthesia, and its success rate has surpassed 95%. You just need to stick to the instructions that the doctor will provide you with after the procedure, and you will absolutely get a perfect result.

To wrap up, Hairline loss is a very common problem that may occur due to multiple reasons, and  could be solved using various treatments. What you have to do once you notice it is to consult a competent doctor, and he will suggest for you the best option that suits your case.

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