Hair Loss After Shower Is It Normal?

Hair Loss After Shower Is It Normal? Hair loss is a very common problem amongst all ages and genders. It is actually devastating to have a receding hairline or signs of early baldness. It takes your self-confidence and has an impact on your daily life.

Have you ever looked at your shower sink and found a ball of hair? Do not panic! This is considered normal. However, Hair loss after shower may be problematic if it becomes severe.

Hair shedding during shower: when is it normal?

The average person has about 100.000 hairs in his head. In a normal day, you may lose up to 100 hairs. This depends on the thickness and length of your hair. In fact, the shorter and thinner your hair, the less you lose hair. However, according to dermatologists, you can lose 150-200 hairs during shower. While admitting that hair loss after shower is totally natural, this can become a problem in case hair shedding continues after showering (finding hair on your clothes, on the floor…). It is important to know that there is a difference between hair shedding and hair loss. Knowing such difference may help you deal with the problem.

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The difference between hair shedding and hair loss

Hair shedding and hair loss are not the same. Hair shedding is a normal phase of the hair’s life cycle, while hair loss is the phase in which your hair stops growing, and that’s anybody’s worst fear. In addition, excessive hair shedding can turn into hair loss, that’s why you should take such events seriously and educate yourself beforehand.

Why do you lose hair after taking a shower?

  • The reasons vary
  • If you are losing a normal amount of hair during shower (150-200 hairs as mentioned above), you probably shouldn’t worry, it happens with everyone. You should only try to take less showers to avoid losing much hair. Contrarily, excessive hair loss after shower may be a bad sign. These are the most common reasons behind hair loss:
  •  history (heredity). The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition that happens with aging.
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy-related hair loss is seen more commonly after your baby has been delivered
  • Getting too much vitamin A can trigger hair loss.
  • Alopecia areata, a common autoimmune skin disease, causes hair loss on the scalp and other places on the body, according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF).
  • Medication and treatments (For example chemotherapy): Some of the drugs used as a cure for cancer can also cause your hair to fall out.
  • Over-styling on the long term, you may regret over-styling your hair. It is extremely harmful for your hair anatomy and may cause severe hair loss.

Hair loss solutions:

Hair loss after shower can be the start of more serious complications. These problems can be addressed in many ways. The success rate varies with every person, that’s why we suggest you do your research and book your first consultation to ensure the most optimal results.


Products containing minoxidil help many people regrow their hair or slow the rate of hair loss or both. It takes at least 4 months of treatment to prevent further hair loss and to start hair regrowth. It may take a few more months to tell whether the treatment is working for you. If it is helping, you’ll need to continue using the medicine indefinitely to retain the benefits.

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Finasteride (Propecia): a prescription drug for men. It is a daily pill. Many men taking finasteride experience a slowing of hair loss, and some may show new hair growth.

These solutions showed promising results. However, the results vary and aren’t consistent with everyone.

Hair Transplant

  • It is the most popular choice for hair loss problems due to the positive reviews it has been receiving over the past years.
  • There are multiple methods of hair transplant from which, we will mention the most used ones.
  • FUT (follicular unit transplantation): A procedure in which, follicular units are removed from the donor area of hair and inserted into the recipient area (the bald area). These are naturally occurring units which if transplanted well, will replicate this natural growth in the recipient area of the scalp.
  • FUE (follicular unit extraction): The most popular hair transplant method. It consists of taking individual hair follicles and inserting them in the area that has missing hair. It is often done in multiple 3 to 4 hour sessions over the course of several days.

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