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Hair Transplantation Results, With the recent developments in the hair transplantation techniques, today, procedures are more successful than the past. Demand for hair transplantation operations led to a great development for hair transplantation technologies. As a result of that, our clinic always provides you with the most advanced, state-of-art technologies for your medical procedures. 

Considering hair transplantation procedures, the definition of success comes down to the results. To us, there are two important determiners for the success of the operation; the first is your health, and the second is your look. We always give great importance to your health as well as the aesthetic results. 

Our clinic has an excellent crew of experienced doctors. Such a great medical team, combined with the most advanced medical technology, is the most appealing feature of our clinic that we are proud of. We assure you that we will provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing results that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

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Nowadays, we are living in the golden era of hair transplantation treatments. Generally, people are showing an exponentially growing interest in the field of medical aesthetics. Specifically, the interest of patients is mostly focusing on hair transplantation operations. Many factors can cause hair loss. Although it is more common in men, many women are suffering from hair loss too. Our clinic offers the best treatments for anyone who has such problems. 

We are proud to say that with many years of experience in medical aesthetics, we had thousands of satisfied customers from a variety of places all over the globe. We are working very hard to ensure your satisfaction in any treatment that you get from our clinic. We are very well aware of without very pleasing aesthetic results; hair transplantation procedures would not be successful. The other factor that we give much importance is the healthiness and strength of your new hair. We guarantee you to feel very happy with the healthiness and the strength of your new hair as well as the aesthetic look of it.

International Validity

Internationally, eighty per cent of regrow rate indicates a perfect hair transplantation procedure. We always guarantee to provide or excess these rates for any patient possible. Of course, your new hair will not grow all at once. There is a required recovery time for each medical procedure, and hair transplantation is no different. However, as much as the recovery time is depending on you, it also depends on the surgeon operating. The key to our success is our excellent surgeons. With the top-quality treatment that you will receive from us, you will have the shortest possible recovery period that is possible for your body.

The most important thing to consider to give you the best aesthetically pleasing results is to provide you with the most natural-looking outcome. If you aim to end up with the most natural-looking healthy results, you cannot go wrong with our clinic and our team. Not only during the procedure but also after the procedure, our doctors will help you to decide on the details of your procedure to ensure your satisfaction. One of the good features of hair transplantation operations is being able to determine some of the aesthetical details of the resulting new hair. You can always share your expectations with us to give us the chance to satisfy you in the best way possible.

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Up to this day, our clinic always gave the best satisfaction to our patients, and we will continue to do the same. We always ensured our customers were satisfied with the results of their treatments. We are suggesting you contact us to learn everything about available treatments, your eligibility, possible results, and any further questions of yours.

We Guarantee You With Satisfactory Results

With FUE or DHI, our service always guarantees to make you happy with the resulting hair. We are very experienced and well-prepared for your needs and wishes. To learn more about our past patients, possible outcomes, and more, please reach us. We would be more than happy to help you with your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the results be permanent?

Yes, your new hair is going to be your permanent hair.

  • Is your hair transplantation procedure painful?

No, you will be under the effect of anaesthesia during the operation. So, it is going to be a pain-free operation.

  • Are you going to inform me about the procedure?

Yes, we will inform you of during your whole process, which is before, during, and after the operation.

  • Who is suitable for the procedure?

Anyone who wants to undergo hair transplantation operations can apply for the procedure. Our medical team will decide your eligibility for hair transplantation.

  • Will I have surgery marks or scars after the FUE or DHI?

No, due to our talented surgeons and advanced technology, you will not have any surgery marks or scars after the operation.

  • Do you guarantee natural-looking results?

Yes, your new hair is guaranteed to look very natural. We will give you the best aesthetic results in any procedure.

  • How long is the healing process?

After the procedure, the new hair will fall out between two to three weeks after the surgery, and it will continue to regrow at around 3 to 4 months. Later, your facial hair will be your new and permanent hair. Around six to eight months, you will see the final results. Your new hair will improve for the next year and a half. 

  • Is my new facial hair going to be strong and uniform?

Yes, our experts will ensure that you will have a uniform and strong hair after your healing is done. A good recovery stage will help a lot with this. We will be informing you on how you should take care of your new hair after the operation.

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