Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost is one of the first aspects for those who would like to get a hair transplant. First of all, you should know that prices vary according to several factors. Among these factors, the most critical ones are;

  • the width of the person’s hair
  • the hair follicles that we are going to use for the target area
  • method you prefer
  • the clinic you select

Keep in mind that an experienced team and trustworthy clinic are necessary components for healthy and successful hair transplant operations. Therefore, do not prefer unauthorized hair transplant centres just for the cheap price point.

Hair Transplant Costs Based on the Method

Hair transplant price varies according to the wishes and needs of the person. Method preference is one of them. After finding out how many grafts you need for hair transplantation, it is necessary to decide which method to have your operation.

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The method you will prefer for the hair transplant procedure is the primary element that affects the prices. At this point, the cost of each technique varies. In other words, FUE hair transplantation prices are different from the DHI hair transplantation price range. Moreover, fees may increase due to additional applications.

Before making the decision of the hair transplant technique, you can read our articles in which all methods of hair transplantation are compared and explained. Moreover, you can find a brief explanation of two popular methods below. 

Which hair transplant method should I choose?

It isn’t easy to give a definite answer to this question without knowing your hair structure. However, it is important to mention that FUE and DHI hair transplant are the most successful methods for hair transplant. 

Regardless of your selection, it is possible to achieve successful results close to each other with each of these hair transplantation techniques in the right conditions. Besides, of course, in line with the budget, one can turn to methods that will be better for him.

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It would be best to decide on your hair transplant method with your doctor, taking into account the condition of your hair and budget analysis.

FUE Hair Transplant Prices

The FUE method is a procedure, in which the doctors collect and transplant the hair follicles individually with the help of a micromotor device. It is the most commonly used hair transplantation today. FUE hair transplantation prices could be more reasonable compared to other methods.

While calculating hair transplantation prices with FUE method, using a manual punch can change the costs of the operation. Besides, hair transplant prices may differ due to additional applications as well.

However, by getting in touch with our clinic, you can learn a detailed price upon your FUE hair transplant. Furthermore, we will inform you about what the procedures involve.

DHI Hair Transplantation Prices

In the DHI method, also known as Choi Pen technique, channel opening and transplanting happen simultaneously with the help of medical pens. The DHI method, performed on the basis of the FUE method, is an ideal method for successful hair transplant operations. Nevertheless, DHI hair transplant cost is higher than other methods due to special medical pens. We also offer the top-notch service quality in this method, thanks to the reputable expertise of our doctors. For more information regarding the prices and details of the procedure, you can get in touch with our clinic.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation Prices

Hair transplantation without a haircut is very popular among women and men who do not want to shorten the length of their hair. Prices increase in unshaven hair transplantation. The reason for this is that the unshaven hair transplantation requires strict attention to the customers. Plus, due to the fact that the patient’s head will not be shaven, the doctors must be meticulous.

Best Hair Transplant Centre

Hair transplant clinic also affects the price point. There are many criteria to select the best hair transplant centre with an average budget.

  • It should be possible to find a variety of services regarding hair loss treatment.
  • The clinic should actively implementing most of the hair transplantation techniques.
  • Hair transplant success also depends on the capability of the doctor. Moreover, the medical team also effective to get more successful results. The team should have appropriate medical equipment as well.  
  • The clinic should have sufficient equipment and sterile operation rooms with necessary hygiene conditions.
  • Have a look at the comments of the previous patients on the clinic. This is going to give you a clue about the success of the operations as well.
  • The clinic should offer opportunities for customers abroad or outside the province.
  • The experience of the surgeons and the clinic is another critical issue for successful operations. It reflects the clinic’s success rate as well.

The mentioned criteria are very effective in determining the best hair transplantation clinic. However, the order of importance of these criteria may differ based on the needs of the customer. You can prefer our clinic for the best applications and reasonable costs.

With years of experience, our clinic provides professional hair transplant services with its well-known specialists. We perform the procedures in a top-notch hospital atmosphere and under doctor control. In other words, we always ensure customer satisfaction and comfort. Consequently, it is among the most preferred hair transplant clinics.

Other Details You Need to Know on Hair Transplant

In addition to the price point, there are crucial details you should know about the process. The most critical issues to know about hair transplantation prices and process are as follows;

  • The most important task for you is to work with a team of experts in the field. Choosing the right clinic and specialist is extremely important in such procedures.
  • You need to choose the most suitable technique for your hair and then pay attention to the meticulous application.
  • Healthy hair starts to grow in place of hair loss, and this ends in a period of 6 months.
  • You have to be a little bit more patient to see the results precisely. It is possible to see healthy and bushy hair after a year.

You also need to be very careful about hair transplantation prices. In order to get information about the hair transplant procedures and costs, you can contact us via email or mobile phone. 


Does your hair type affect the hair transplant cost?

Yes. Hair transplant costs depend on the degree of your hair loss and the structure of your hair.

Will my insurance cover my hair transplant operation?

Mostly, insurance companies do not compensate for hair transplant operations since they are considered as cosmetic surgeries. However, you can get in touch with your insurance company and learn if it is possible to cover your operation’ fee.

Can I find affordable hair transplant costs at your clinic?

Yes. We provide the best hair transplant service at a reasonable price point.

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