Hair Transplant Grafts: Do I Need 7000 Grafts?

Hair Transplant Grafts: Do I Need 7000 Grafts? After deciding to have a hair transplant operation, the most curious issue is the number of grafts. But first, what does graft mean? It means a piece of tissue prepared to be planted in the bald area. This tissue piece is taken from your donor area and ready for planting. 

Contrary to popular belief, hair follicle and graft are not the same things. Grafts can have multiple hair follicles. They can be of different types according to their size and structure. Not every graft has the same number of hair follicles, and the amount of skin it contains may differ. 

So, does everybody need 7000 graft? Well, it is pretty a lot for the number of grafts. Although patients who need such a number of grafts are exceptions, it is not correct to say something precise without seeing the patient. 

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Since all these features will directly affect the result of hair transplantation, the number of grafts is a very important point. Therefore, the exact number of grafts you need is only a decision that your doctor can tell you as an expert. In other words, this number varies from person to person.

Usually, there are 2 to 4 strands in a graft. If we consider this number as 3, we can say that approximately 9000 strands have been planted in a hair transplantation process with 3000 grafts. 

In short, since this kind of technical information is generally valid, you can reach the most accurate information only after consultation. If you contact our clinic; our doctors can give you the precise answers required after the consultation.

The Consultation Procedure

Do you have a lot of questions about hair transplantation in your head? Are you tired of doing research? Does the information you read sound very technical? It is very normal for you to feel like this. 

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It can be complicated for someone who is new to hair transplantation. Although there are unlimited sources of information about hair transplantation on the Internet, all of these are general information. These articles generally refer to the medical aspect of the procedure. However, without your doctor’s opinion, it would not be realistic to make a conclusion about yourself from these articles. For example, you cannot find out how many grafts you need by researching.

In order to know the right number, you need to consult a competent doctor. Consulting is, therefore, an important service. Do not tire yourself by trying to handle it alone. Instead, you can contact us and learn every detail you need.

In our clinic, we take care of each patient individually and privately. Our specialist doctors perform the necessary examinations; reveal your hair density, quality and the number of grafts to be taken. 

Thanks to the consultancy service, we can know exactly how many grafts our patients need, and we can inform you. Stages such as consultancy, preliminary interview and examination will also make your job easier. You can browse our website for consultancy.

FUE or DHI: Which Allows Us to Have More Grafts?

In the technique called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), grafts taken from the spill-resistant region with the help of micromotors are planted in the region where they are needed. FUE technique is one of the most commonly used hair transplantation methods today, as a painless procedure. 

There is another new technique, the advanced version of the FUE technique: DHI (Direct Hair Implant). The most distinctive feature that distinguishes the DHI technique from the FUE technique is that it is transplanted into the skin with the help of a special pen (Choi) without channelling the hair follicles. DHI technique is also known as unshaved hair transplantation. Unlike the Fue technique, hair does not need to be shaved.

Another feature that distinguishes the two techniques is the density of hair loss in patients and the amount of hair to be transplanted. In cases where the patient’s hair loss is high, the most appropriate method to be followed by a specialist doctor is the FUE method. The reason for this is that more grafts can be planted in a single session thanks to FUE.

In hair transplantation performed with this technique, the number of grafts is directly proportional to the capacity of the hair in the nape region. If the hair density at the nape is high, up to 6000 grafts can be transplanted in one day. 

In general, hair transplantation in the amount of approximately 3000-45000 grafts per session is performed with the FUE technique. On the other hand, 1500-2500 grafts hair transplantation can be performed per session with DHI technique.

Although DHI provides fewer grafts in number, it provides two times more planting to the same area than the FUE. In other words, if  the hair is transplanted more frequently, DHI will be the more advantageous technique. Of course, when and which technique to apply varies from one person to another. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable method for you, considering your needs.

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Hair transplantation is a process that should be planned step by step. The person’s hair structure, shedding type and desired appearance are the factors that shape the content of the operation. 

These are the features that vary for each individual.Therefore, a procedure with 3000 grafts in another does not show that you need that much graft. There are many different points to consider, such as the width of the area to be planted or the thickness of your hair. For this reason, you should seek help from an expert to create your own operation plan. Choosing a reliable and experienced doctor is therefore important for the course of the operation. 

As the first step, you can benefit from the consultancy service of our clinic. Our doctors will answer all the questions you are curious about. In this sense, they will inform you about the exact number of grafts you need. Furthermore, they will explain the disadvantages and advantages depending on which method you prefer. 


Do I need 7000 grafts for covering my bald area?

Each individual needs a different number of grafts in order to cover their bald spots. However, the exact number could only be given after the consultancy. You should avoid those clinics that tell you how many grafts you need, before the consultancy process.

Is DHI painful?

No, DHI is a 100% painless procedure.

Is FUE hair transplant painful?

No, it isn’t. In our clinic, we administer anaesthesia for every transplant operation.

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