DHI Hair Transplant Advantages

DHI Hair Transplant Advantages, In most of the hair transplantation operations, we primarily suggest the Direct Hair Transplantation method. Since it is a relatively new type of hair transplantation procedure, we get a lot of questions about the DHI method and its many advantages. First of all, let us explain what is DHI.

Direct Hair Transplantation(DHI)

Direct hair transplantation is the newest hair transplantation technique today. It is the method of removing hair follicles from the donor field using a micro engine and transplant them to the recipient site using a pen-like tool comprising a thin needle. This procedure allows us to perform transplantation of the hair without shaving your scalp. 

During the extraction of your hair, your hair follicles are transplanted in around one to three minutes, and they stay outside the body for the shortest amount of time possible.

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It has several advantages when treating your hair. In DHI operations, our surgeons planting your new hair using a specific pen that we call as Choi. This pen will provide us with many benefits while we extract the hair from your neck.

Many patients who suffer from hair loss prefer DHI treatment. The most important cause of this is it is the most technologically advanced hair transplantation procedure. Ever since DHI takes its place in the medical industry its popularity among patients and doctors is growing exponentially. 

If you have hairy regions on your forehead, transplanting between hair strands is easier and more effective. We are strongly advising you to reach our clinic to learn anything you would like to learn about the Direct Hair Implementation procedure.

Is DHI Painful?

Today, we mainly suggest you prefer DHI procedures for your hair loss suffering. Our doctors have excellent knowledge of applying this technique. You will feel very comfortable in our experienced hands during the entire process. During your operation, you will be under the effect of anaesthesia. Our professional medical team will take care of the rest. This means that you will not feel pain during or after the procedure takes place.

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Choi Implanter Pen

Choi pen is a state-of-art device that we use for DHI hair transplantation. The pen makes the procedure more efficient to perform. In addition to that, it helps us to maintain safer and more efficient operation. This technology will also provide you with better results than traditional methods concerning your health and aesthetic look.

We always recommend you to prefer Choi Implanter Pen treatments for your operation. Our team is very experienced in the use of the Choi Pen, and we guarantee you that you will not find any better than our clinic regarding these operations.

Advantages of Choi Pen use in DHI

To sum up the main advantages of DHI, we should examine the benefits of Choi Pen. In this sense, the tool basically provides us:

  • Ability to use for a variety of different diameters,
  • Eases the DHI technique and placing of 3D grafts,
  • Provides new high-density hair to the patient,
  • Placing grafts without any need to opening extra holes,
  • Non-shaved placement is possible,
  • Natural-looking appearance guaranteed,
  • Great improvement of the survival rate of extracted hair follicles,
  • Minimal damage to the head,
  • Fastest recovery time,
  • Easy to sterilize the implanter tool,
  • Changeable tip needles provide extra hygiene.

The advantages listed above are some of the many advantages of the DHI procedure and Choi Pen. The pen can also provide additional uses by your needs. To learn more about this brilliant technological device, please contact our clinic. Also, you can reach us to get information about any additional service that we provide for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results of the DHI procedure permanent?

Yes, after DHI is completed, your new hair will be your permanent hair after it settles.

How much pain am I going to feel when you are performing DHI?

You will not feel pain at any stage of the procedure. Our expert hands are very experienced in this technique. As a result, we are really good at performing the DHI method and you can be sure of you will sense no pain at any time.

Is DHI is an expensive procedure?

We always guarantee you that we will provide you with the best price possible regarding your treatment procedure. Our pricing is the fairest across the world.

Will I have surgery marks or scars when the DHI is done?

No, our treatment methods are the safest procedures for hair transplantation operations. We provide the best medical hands to ensure there will be no aesthetic disorders on your head.

Is my new hair going to look natural after the DHI operation?

Absolutely yes. A very natural look is our aim when we use DHI. We will provide you with the best aesthetical look possible.

Is it possible to cut my hair after a DHI operation?

Of course, it is possible. After your new hair healed, you can always cut it, usually. Your brand new hair will not need any medical care. However, you must get in touch with our doctors regarding the timing and technique for getting a haircut.

How long will it take me to heal after DHI?

You can straight go to your work after the procedure is finished. New hair will fall off in two weeks and it will start to grow again. In six months, you will see most of your new hair.

Why should I prefer your hospital for DHI hair transplantation?

Regarding the hair transplantation procedure, the most important thing is to get treatment from an advanced hospital. In our hospital, we always have impressive surgeons, and an experienced medical team ready for you. Our hospital uses the most advanced technologies at the lowest prices. Lastly, our facility will always guarantee you that you will be satisfied with your new appearance.

How can I get more information about your hospital?

We always want to make you comfortable at any stage of your experience. We are strongly advising you to reach us to get information on any question of yours. Please, do contact us for any question that comes to your mind. It would be very pleasing for us to be able to help you.

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