Hair Transplant At 35 

Hair Transplant At 35 Are you 35 years old and you have clear bald areas or receding hairline, and you intend to undergo a hair transplant at 35? Are you one of the people who are amazed by the startling results of this procedure, and you want to know further details about it; such as the cost, the best method, the best hospital, its pros and cons…etc, this article will answer all of your queries, and explains for you the whole process in details. 

Hair Transplant At 35

Firstly, who is eligible for hair transplant and what are the conditions that allow you to undergo this process? 

Hair transplant at 35 is possible but age is not the only condition. There are other necessary conditions needed which are the following: 

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  • For the age: unless you are above 18 years old, you can not undergo this process. 
  • the health situation: if you are totally healthy, and you do not have any health issues,  chronic diseases or acute allergies such as the severe blood pressure, the diabetes, the serious heart problems, the cancer, the immunity issues like the anemia, the hepatitis a, b or c, the AIDS, you are eligible for hair transplant.
  • the donor area: one of the most important conditions that should necessarily occur in order to get a hair transplant at 35 done is the situation of the donor area. In case you have a highly strong and dense donor area that allows the doctor to harvest a number of grafts which could cover all the empty areas you have, you may possibly perform this operation. 
  • For the bald area: in case you do not have a clear bald and empty area either in the hairline, the front, the sides, the top or the crown area, and you have quite small bald area, you may not undergo hair transplant neither at 35 nor in a different age. Unless the empty area is large enough, the doctor will not be able to transplant new hair grafts as he does not have enough space.
  • For the expectations: the expectations  of the patient are also classified as an important condition to undergo hair transplant. In case you do have a very large empty area on one hand,  and a very thin and weak donor area on the other hand, you are not supposed to expect a perfect result, you should be rather realistic and aware that the result depends on the case of your donor area. 

Good Candiate For Hair Transplant

So after knowing the conditions that could make you a good candidate for hair transplant, let us now go through the pros and cons of this process to know if it would be beneficial to get it done or not.

Starting with the pros of hair transplant at 35, you need to know that this process is quite beneficial and advantageous: 

  • On the level of the application: this is a quite simple and easy non-surgical process. And this is quite crucial  because a lot of people, once they hear an operation, they directly believe that it is a surgery which is totally wrong. The hair transplant is simply done by harvesting hair grafts from the donor area and transplanting them in the scalp. It does not need a total anesthesia, on the total opposite, you will be awake during the whole process, and you will only need a local anesthesia.
  • On the level of the pain: another benefit of the hair transplant process is the fact that it is pain free. You will never feel any pain at all neither during nor after the process. 
  • On the level of the healing process: hair transplant at 35 is very beneficial as its healing process does not exceed the three days for maximum if it is done in the right place and by the right doctors, and more importantly, if it is done by the best hair transplant techniques like the DHI PRO ( the last method that was invented recently by Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey). 
  • On the level of the result and the success rate: during the last decade, the success rate of the hair transplant operation has surpassed 90% in Turkey. And this is a very crucial point that should be highlighted; the success rate of this process is quite high in several hospitals in Turkey, because starting from the 90s of the previous century, Turkey has been the leading country not in  hair transplant only, but also in plastic surgeries and dental treatments. 


As far as the cons are concerned, this process causes very simple side effects like the swelling for the first two days, and the itchiness in the scalp during the first week from the operation. But in case you do not choose the right hospital to undergo a hair transplant at 35 using the best techniques (THE DHI PRO ), you may experience a lot of damaging and harmful side effects.

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