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The best hair restoration clinic : where to have your hair transplant operation

Hair Restoration Clinic In every business, the increase of demand for a specific product results in the increase of investors and a growing market. Hair transplant demand has grown exponentially since its first appearances decades ago, thus hair restoration clinics started to open out at a remarkable pace, creating a large competitive market, and a multi billion dollar industry around the world. This industry quickly paved its way into the healthcare domain.

In such a sensitive topic, it has become a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right place, where you can have your hair restoration procedure. Continue reading this guideline on choosing the best hair restoration clinic for your next operation.

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What does hair restoration mean?

In our modern day, hair loss has become a dilemma for most both men and women, hair restoration methods diverse from herbal mixes, traditional practices and in some quite oddly, in certain cultures, some people resort to religious practices in hopes of restoring their lost hair.

However, the words hair restoration always leads to hair transplant, as the solution that has proved its efficiency through years of experiments and millions of satisfied patients, and for which investors around the world are betting their fortunes on.

A hair transplant operation is a procedure, in which surgeons extract healthy hair follicles from the back of your head, beard or chest, also known as donor areas, these hair grafts are then transplanted meticulously into the bald area. This procedure has experienced many advancements over the decades, therefore several hair transplant techniques can be found.

If you suffer from hair loss, then you have probably come across hair transplant more than once, the more you search, the more it clears out as your destined hair restoration solution. At this point, you will start redirecting your search to a narrowed search.

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You now know what the solution is, you are convinced, but you have no clue about the cost and where to have it, so how can you be sure that you chose the right hair restoration clinic. This stage can be challenging, as we mentioned before, everyone knows there is a gold mine that they can dig in this industry, and each one of them seeks to have a piece of the cake.

Choosing the right hair restoration clinic

While doing your search, especially on the internet, the vast amount of names and referrals  can be for sure confusing, hair restoration clinics, centers and hospitals, so why these variations, and why do they matter ?

A hair transplant operation is considered one of the safest aesthetic procedures. However you should never underestimate the gravity of the smallest risk when it comes to your health. Every operation can be sometimes complexe and things can escalate quickly, therefore, you need to be sure that you are in a safe environment and surrounded by experts who can respond to any kind of casualty with extreme caution and confidence.

When choosing the right hair restoration clinic, please make sure that it has the following conditions are met:

  • Equipment: The place must be equipped with all necessities that a patient might need, starting from reception rooms and post operation resting rooms, to the operation room itself which must contain all necessary medical supplies and sterilization tools.
  • Medical team: the clinic must have a full and experienced medical crew capable of responding to all patient’s needs.
  • Experience: Look for the place that has the most experience, the longer the certain place has been operational, the more experience they have.
  • The price: Don’t jump to who’s offering the cheapest price, it is true that competition can lead most clinics to offer ridiculously low prices, but that doesn’t guarantee a successful operation. Instead, try to find the average and reasonable prices that may reflect the place’s authenticity.
  • Services: find yourself a hair restoration clinic that gives extra services, such as airport pickup, transportation and hotel accommodation, and most importantly that provides a medical follow up after the operation.

The best hair restoration clinic in the world

When it comes to eventually choosing the right hair restoration clinic for your operation, you will start your search in the nearest by area, this is the normal process for everyone searching for anything, to start with the closest. As your search deepens, you will definitely end up seeing a couple of ads, promoting hair restoration clinics in Turkey.

Known for its reputable medical advancement, and leading the world of hair restoration and transplant, Turkey has created a strong market where hundreds of clinics and hospitals have been constructed over the last couple of decades, one of the most famous and trust worthy hospitals, is without doubt, ClinicExpert hospital. Providing hair restoration solutions since 2008, this particular hospital has managed to provide top class medical services for more than a decade.

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