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Hair Restoration Austin Is the hair losing a big problem for you? Are you tired of seeing yourself bald in front of the mirror? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be bald any more. Now you can give your hair the shape that you want. No matter where in the World you are, we can exhibit the best hair transplant in turkey. Whether you live in America or in Germany that doesn’t matter! We are the leading country in the hair transplant sector. Don’t miss this opportunity to regain your nee hair.

Mesotherapy and PRP method can be applied to your hair. Most of the people can apply to this method. However, both methods will only help perverse your existing hair. These two methods won’t be enough to regain the amount of new hair you desire. Come to Turkey. Because we will apply the last technology in the whole World!

Hair Transplant Methods

A radical solution is hair transplantation. There are 3 different hair transplant methods used in the World. We want to explain these 3 methods for you.

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The first method is FUE. Before the transplantation, the source areas are anesthetized locally. Second step is taking the hair roots from upper ear and nape area one by one with the FUE engine. Thirdly these grafts are being collected one by one and counted. After the grafts collected, grafts confined with solution and stored at the fridge. Next step is taking of the grafts, cutting in to the small pieces until reaching the number of the grafts needed to fill the bald area. The last step is transplantation of the hair with the channel method.

The second is FUT. At this technique, a strip of tissue is removed from the back of the heat, and taken to the special area to be washed and separated in to the grafts. The dissected grafts are planned in holes created in the bald part of the head. These methods are not being used in Turkey, because in these methods incision marks may remain in the nape area where the hair grafts were removed.

As the third DHI methods! DHI is a modified version of FUE hair transplant. In DHI methods we remove your hair follicles from a part of your scalp, usually back of your head and implant them in to the bald areas.

WHY does the Hair Fall Out?

Hair Restoration Austin Finding hair in your bed or brush is normal. But if you start losing an unusual amount of hair, it should concern you. When you think of hair loss, you may think of the genetic factors, stress, hormones, thyroid problems and some medications etc. In order to prevent hair loss, you should prevent from high heat and usage of hair styling products.

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What are the differences of hair loss in men and women?

Androgenic alopecia in men usually causes male pattern hair loss, which tends to start at the front of the head, causing a move back hairline finally an M figurate hair recession. In some man, androgenic alopecia results in complete baldness. The same case in women is called Female pattern hair loss. But in tends to look different in women than in men. Androgenic alopecia can also affect women after menopause. Women experiences more distress. Because female hair loss is not widely accepted as males! But do not worry. We can help all women and man in Turkey because we use last technology in our clinic. Call us. We explain all details to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. We can arrange everything for you such as transportation, accommodation, etc.

Is it Safe to Get Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is absolutely reliable country. We have the best surgeons who can operate hair transplant turkey. We know hair transplant is serious job. It is not a simple surgical operation. If not applied correctly it can have serious side effects. Our health system allows hair transplantation to be performed by specialist physicians. For this reason, we are the most preferred country in Europe in terms of health tourism.

Turkish Ministry of Health was declared about us a Pandemic Hospital. We pay attention Infection prevention and control, laboratory services and logistics and supplies management, including pharmaceuticals etc. Therefore, you can choose Turkey as in many European with complacency.

Can transplanted hair fall out again?

Implanted hair does not fall out in hair transplant applications. Because hair follicles collected for the balding area do not have receptors with the DHT hormone. However, attention should be paid to environmental factors. The nape area which is used as a donor area in hair transplantation operations is resistant to hair loss due to its genetic characteristics.

Don’t baldness to be your destiny. Call us or write us without losing any time. We will return you immediately for the best hair transplant. If you want to work together get your perfect hair transformation with reasonable price in Turkey. Please fill out our form and let us in touch with you. Hair Restoration Austin

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