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Best Hair Loss Replacement Hair loss can occur even at an early age, depending on many factors today. Deficiency or excess of various vitamins can occur for reasons such as improper nutrition, improper care practices. İn order to prevent hair loss, we must pay attention to our life plan. İn addition there are improved treatments for hair loss. Hair transplantation is the definitive solution to hair loss.

Many people have regained their hair with this magnificient method. However, of course, it is necessary to do detailed research for hair transplantation. With the help of experts in the field, you can get much more effective results.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Hair Transplant?

Hair loss can occur when many causes come together. Causes such as genetic predisposition and hair’s own structure make hair loss inevitable. In this case, hair transplantation is necessary. Because genetic predisposition and hair structure aren’t things that can be corrected, such as eating habits.

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Thyroid hormones, postpartum period, menopause period, diabetes, anemia, some diseases can also lead to hair loss. Hair transplantation is the most effective solution for hair loss that occurs due to these reasons.

This method will reduce hair loss and increase the density of your hair. Doctors also recommend this practice, which doesn’t cause any harm to health. After the operation, the magnificient result becomes permanent when it is supported by proper nutrition, correct care and correct care products.

Hair transplantation Methods

After deciding on hair transplant, your doctor will do your hair analysis. By doctor will be some examines. As a result of these examinations, appropriate technique will be determined for you. Same method isn’t suitable for each person. Doctor guidance is very important in this topic. A good doctor knows that method is necessary for you. In Turkey, which has developed itself in the field of hair transplantation, there are doctors famous for their success. The best hair transplantation, is done in Turkey.

Hair transplantation is performed by 3 different methods.

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  • FUE: Hair follicles are taken one by one with the help of special machines with, local anesthesia and placed in areas without hair. A bit old method.
  • FUT: Hair is extracted from the donor area consisting of strong hair in the form of strips and planted in smal channels in the recipient area.
  • DHI: This is the latest and most preferred technique. It is a method in which high-quality hair follicles collected by selecting from the donor area are placed in the planting area with the help of special pens.

In this case , the best method of hair transplantation is the DHI method.

How To Do Hair Transplantation?

It is important that the doctor has some skills for correct hair transplantation. There are things to take into account during practice.

  • Angle of hair
  • Direction of hair
  • Gaps between hair follicles
  • Adjusting hair depth

Take into considering these conditions the result will be perfect when hair transplantation is performed.

Hair transplantation with DHI method will not appear in stitches. Healthy hair will be preserved. It wouldn’t cause any damage. Local anesthesia is performed. Only the processing zone is numbed. Pain doesn’t occur after the operation. Patient safety and comfort are at the highest level.

After Hair Transplantation

After the operation, you will get natural-looking, plump and dense hair. It will not even be apparent that you have undergone an aesthetic operation when it is performed with expert doctor. Dressing may be required after the operation. Doctor checks should be done regularly. After hair transplantation, you will be informed by your doctor about how you should take a shower and what you should to. You must protect this area from blow and external contact for at least 1 week. You shouldn’t touch it with your hands as much as possible. Now you have great hair!

Best Hair Transplant Service 

Best Hair Loss Replacement Hair transplantation is practiced in many regions around the world. This operation must be performed by experienced and equipped doctors. Hair transplantation in Turkey is quite advanced. A lot of people coming to Turkey for this operation  from all over the world. It serves as a team with specialist doctors and successful employees. People are very happy with the result. Of course, after hair transplantation , there are things that a person should need attention to so that they don’t experience hair loss again.

Regular nutrition, balanced sleep, adequate mineral and vitamin intake, correct hair care, correct shampoos, not to excessive temperature exposure during styling, plenty of water is drink important. Hair transplantation will also strengthen your hair already. In this way, you will have lasting beauty. Stop worrying about hair loss! Overcome your fears of baldness! There is now a permanent and definitive solution to all these problems… The method recommended  by experts.. Hair transplantation. Take advantage of this great ease! Best Hair Loss Replacement

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