LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery

Millions of people all over the world suffer from vision problems for many reasons that make them not see well, or they have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for life. However, with the great progress and development that the field of medicine has witnessed in the world and in Turkey in the first place, very effective and non-surgical methods have been reached using highly advanced devices, which is the LASIK operation for the eyes. So what is this process? How is it performed? For whom is it considered valid, and what are the conditions for candidacy for it? How is it processed? What is its success rate? What are its benefits? And what is the best place to take it and ensure a satisfactory result?

What Is the Process?

LASIK eye surgery is one of the most effective modern techniques in the field of medicine. Quite simply, it is a non-surgical operation that corrects vision problems by straightening and repairing the shape of the cornea.

LASIK Eye Surgery Process

The surgeon opens the outer cortex of the cornea using a very fine scalpel, but without separating it, and then forms the cornea using ultraviolet rays, which use varying proportions according to the vision problem. Possible without complications.

The LASIK operation is one of the simple and easy cosmetic operations. It does not require hospitalization or complete anesthesia. Also this procedure is done without the need to use surgical symptoms or stitches. After the LASIK operation, the specialist prescribes instructions and treatment recipes for the patient to help him/her recover. Thus the most prominent of these are the instructions: “a topical antibiotic, eye drops known as a steroid, and a pain reliever in case the patient feels some pain,”

The Stages of LASIK Eye Surgery

First Stage

The specialist doctor and his accompanying team adjust the LASIK device according to the scale of the patient’s vision, and according to his medical condition, as the criterion of myopia differs from his length, and the scale of the LASIK device in severe deviation differs from the scale of light deviation.

Second Stage

In the second stage of this cosmetic procedure, the doctor inserts a local anesthetic into the eye

Third Stage

Through sterile and specialized devices and tools, the eyelids are moved away from each other, in order to prevent them from touching during the operation, and this procedure is absolutely painless.

Fourth Stage

The doctor will indicate to the patient to prove his sight and vision as soon as the glowing red light appears, and this is the core of the process as these ultraviolet rays work to repair and treat vision problems.

Fifth Stage

It takes red glowing light to move inside the eye for a period not exceeding seconds.

Sixth Stage

The doctor will then inform the patient of the end of the operation, without you feeling any pain during this simple procedure.

What Are the Conditions for Running for LASIK Eye Surgery?

In order to be able to run for LASIK eye surgery, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be eighteen years of age or older.
  • That the problem in sight has stopped increasing or worsening permanently.
  • That your eyes are in good health, that is, do not suffer from any infections or other diseases that are not treated with LASIK technology.
  • If your cornea is not thin and laser beams do not damage it.

On the other hand, there are some health contraindications that, if there are any, you will not be able to undergo LASIK eye surgery, which are the following:

  • Under eighteen years old.
  • Have a thin cornea, it may be damaged by the laser.
  • Allergigies to laser beams.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding, you are unable to undergo this procedure.
  • Suffer from eye infections and diseases, this technique is not suitable for you.
  • Suffer from some chronic diseases such as diabetes.

What Are the Benefits of This Process?

LASIK eye surgery has several advantages and benefits that make it among the best solutions for those who have vision problems, including:

  • Being a non-invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia is among its most significant advantages.
  • It is one of the simplest procedures and lasts about a quarter of an hour, no more
  • It does not leave any scars, swelling or puffiness around the eyes and face because it does not require opening an incision.
  • Its success rate is very high if it is performed in the right place.
  • Its result is immediate.

What Radiation Is Used?

Lasik Operation are based on ultraviolet (UV) rays. Modern medical studies have proven that It is the best tools and modern techniques. Thus, it has already existed for decades, yet it was developed during the past decade to intervene strongly in eye surgery. and the reason for this is the unique and effective features and characteristics that these rays have, and this made them completely unique in performing LASIK operations all over the world.

Ultraviolet rays contain beneficial and non-harmful tissues and fibers for the human body. It is also characterized by its high ability to penetrate and break all barriers, separators and internal bonds of tissues in the eyes “cornea.” In some recent studies, these rays have been called “simple cold lasers” because they contain: Unique properties that do not harm the human body in any way, they are not like other substances that can pose a threat to the patient’s life.

During these x-rays, the specialist doctor and his accompanying medical team reshape the corneal tissue in an accurate, effective and high-quality manner, by using special computers to calculate the measurement of the corneal topography.

What Is the Best Place to Perform This Operation?

If you want to get effective results after LASIK eye surgery, you should know that Turkey is among the best destinations in the world undisputedly in terms of experience and cost at the same time. It has a number of international hospitals that guarantee you effective results at very reasonable prices, such as Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul.

The summary of this article is that LASIK eye surgery is among the best techniques and effective procedures for correcting various common vision problems.

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