Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery

Do you still suffer from vision problems, are eyeglasses and contact lenses embarrassing for you, well now you can perform laser vision correction, or what is scientifically called “corneal curvature correction” and it has become one of the most prevalent and common cosmetic operations among correction and solution operations Myopia problems, which uses ultraviolet rays to correct vision problems, as it is one of the best effective and efficient solutions to solve myopia and long-sighted problems in all bikes, and the laser vision correction process addresses minor and sharp deviations.

Laser Surgery: Vision Correction Concept!

Many ophthalmologists see that the laser vision correction process means reshaping the cornea and the inner layer using ultraviolet technology, and the idea of ​​using it dates back to the 1970’s when it was used in the form of a surgery known as “corneal scraping.”

As for scientifically, it is the process through which a simple modification or change is made in the corneal network to become more accurate and regular, with the aim of solving and correcting vision problems and defects. Ultraviolet light with extreme precision, and among the most prominent defects and problems that it corrects are: “the problems of weakness and long-sightedness, severe deviation in the eye, little deviation, and other vision problems.”

How Is Laser Surgery Correction Performed?

It is done by using ultraviolet rays known as “excimer”, and these rays reshape the cornea to solve and correct vision problems such as: “myopia and long-sightedness in all bicycles, and sharp and simple aberration” in order to dispense with other auxiliary tools such as glasses and contact lenses.

Conditions for Vision Correction Process!

Like any surgical or non-surgical procedure, when it is performed, it requires a number of conditions that ensure its effective success, and despite the ease and simplicity of performing the laser vision correction procedure, we are committed to key conditions to ensure that you obtain the desired positive results, and among the most prominent conditions next one:


The age of the patient wishing to undergo laser vision correction surgery should not be less than 18 years, and in some cases it is preferable to be over 21 years old.


It is necessary for the patient’s vision to perform the operation to be stable during the last two years before the operation, and this is done by the surgeon’s follow-up to your vision and measuring it continuously during the desired period.


The eyes should be free of infections, germs and fatty bags.


The patient’s eyes should be free of any kind of allergy.


Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not perform a vision correction procedure.


Examination of the patient wishing to perform the operation must be healthy and not suffer from any diseases


Accurate examination procedures to determine the imprint and image of the inner cornea.

To Conclude

Similarly, the most important feature of the Laser Surgery correction process is that the time period is short and can be performed within a period not exceeding 20 minutes for both eyes, and in rare cases its duration may increase. As for the final results, they cannot be judged from today. The first is that during the first few days the patient will face some side effects such as blurring of night vision, or some headaches, but these symptoms will fade after the first week of the procedure, and you will see the results of the operation after the first week and sometimes after the 30 days or 90 days.

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