Does Hair Transplant Work?

Does Hair Transplant Work? Hair loss is a very common issue for people all around the world. It happens to both men and women due to environmental and/or genetic factors. Though it is usually treated by medications, it is proved that the medications can only slow down the process of losing the hair as opposed to growing new hair. Therefore, we offer hair transplantation as a solution to your hair loss problems that may occur on specific areas as the top, side or the back of your head or a general thinning overall the scalp.

Does Hair Transplant Work?

To understand the benefits of hair transplant operation, we must look at the science behind it. Thus, when we examine the way hair naturally grows, we see that the hair follicles underneath the skin are producing hair. Then naturally, hairs stop growing and the follicles drop out, to be replaced by the new ones as part of their natural cycle. This means that normally, the follicle can simply grow new hair.

Understanding Hair Loss

In another very common case, a hormone called di-hydro-testosterone interferes with the hair follicles and commands them to stop producing new hair growth. The reason for this medical issue lies on the genetics programmed as the testosterone levels increase in time. 

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Androgenic alopecia is where the follicles around the hairline and the top of the head have the receptors for that particular switch-off hormone that causes the follicles to stop producing hair. Though it is seen mostly on men, women may also suffer from this condition. 

Once the old hairs fall out, people are often left with bald areas which are called pattern baldness/hair loss.  Moreover, there are 2 types of hair on our head, the hair in the top of the head and the hair on the back. Though the hair that is on top of the head is genetically programmed to fall out in some men due to testosterone sensitivity, it does not usually affect the back of the head. 

In both of these cases, we offer hair transplants as a solution, by transplanting not just the hair but healthy follicles into the areas that need them.

History of the Effectiveness of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant technology was first found in the early 1950s when the doctors first realised that you could remove the hair follicle from one part of the body and successfully install that into another part. In case it is a male-pattern hair loss, there tends to be a safe-zone of permanent hair growth around the back of the head where healthy follicles can be collected. However, early transplant methods tended to give less effective and not very satisfying results. 

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First of all, the surgeon would remove small patches of skin around three or four millimetres across- which usually contains 20 or more healthy follicles. These plugs then would be inserted into small slits made in the bald area in a kind of a grid pattern. Since the hair follicles were growing differently as certain patched areas of the head, this was resulting in hair growth in an unusual style leading to dissatisfaction for the looks of the hair when it grows.

Fortunately, the procedure now works completely different thanks to the improvements in medical science since the 1950s. Furthermore, the procedure is now done delicately and thoroughly. Instead of transferring around twenty follicles all together, we can now move only 1 or 2 hair follicles at a time, calling them follicular units. These units then spread around the balding area in a much natural way. 

Hair Transplant Methods

We offer two ways of implementing a hair transplant operation; FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). First and foremost, Follicular Unit Extraction is the method that instead of removing a big portion of the skin on the healthy part of the head, this method uses a tool to cut around individual follicular units. It leaves the rest of the skin intact. This method can actually be used without the shaving of the hair and only leaving tiny holes to be healed in the back of the head in the donor area. Thus, it is really convenient for our customers for a non-noticeable healing period. Then, the follicular units extracted from the donor area are implanted into slits in the balding area just the same as the strip method.

Secondly, Direct Hair Implantation, in other words, the shave-free method is also very convenient for a non-noticeable operation. It works in a similar way to Follicular Unit Extraction as it is a newly constructed method thrived from it. It works by using a new tool called Choi pen. 

The hair follicles are collected in a hair transplant operation and are placed one by one into this pen. This placement should be done very carefully. At this point, the doctor sows the hair follicles at the most appropriate angle, 40-45 degrees. 

Another important point outside of this angle is the right direction, and this is done according to the direction of the old hair of the patient. The hair follicles placed on the needle are determined according to the angle and direction and transplanted with the push feature of the needle. Therefore, a talented surgeon is needed in this operation to carefully collect the follicles and do the placements in a way that the bald areas will be covered naturally by the newly planted hair.

FUE or DHI: Which One Works The Best?

Whether it is for FUE or DHI, both of them need to have a skilful surgeon since the art of reshaping the hairline and making the new hair blend seamlessly need delicate attention. 

Therefore, you must talk to our doctors before you decide to get either the hair transplant procedure. 

Even though we perform both of the methods with high-quality results, we mostly recommend DHI to our visitors. The reason for that is the DHI method provides with a more convenient operation with a better recovery process.

Thankfully, our surgeons are experienced in both methods, using professional tools and practice to get you the best results within weeks so, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and consultation. 


In conclusion, hair transplant is used for various kinds of hair loss, and it is possible to get effective and satisfying results with the right technology and an experienced professional.

Keep in mind that we are offering consultation and operations in our clinic with the best types of equipment and the team for the best hair transplantation experience.


Does hair transplant work?

Yes, all the hair transplant methods, especially FUE and DHI methods, result well.

Who can have hair transplant operation?

Anybody who experiences hair loss, or want to cover a bald spot, can undertake a hair transplant operation.

Which hair transplant methods work the best?

We recommend our customers to have DHI hair transplant due to its shorter recovery period and convenience. However, for some specific cases, we can perform the FUE technique as well. Both of these methods are the best techniques in hair transplant industry.

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