Do ClinicExpert Products Really Work?

Do ClinicExpert Products Really Work? Hair loss is a nightmare for many people. When you get up in the morning and see little more strands of hair on your hairbrush each day, your confidence may falter and you might become anxious. There are many solutions for this issue which many people struggle with. While hair transplant is always an option, especially with the best hair transplant techniques available nowadays, but it is always a good idea to supplement your hair before things develop to that point. These products may prevent you from needing a hair transplant but they are also key products to supplement your hair growth after or before such an operation.

Why should I use hair products?

Our hair grows weaker over time. If you live in a place with higher levels of pollution, endure a stressful life, have heredity that is prone to hair loss and many other conditions can accelerate or cause loss of your hair. Many people struggle with this problem nowadays. Haircare products help us to dodge this issue completely or minimize its effects. While hair transplant techniques have become nearly perfect, it is always good to be a little more careful for a fulfilling life and satisfying look.

Which Hair products should I use?

Hair products, like hair transplant techniques, have some variety to them. There are serums, which are applied directly to your scalp, there are vitamins that often comes in tablet form, and shampoos, which is something that you can’t do without. There are many products in the market so this point causes confusion for many people. This is completely normal. For best results, the treatment should fit the problem. Just like reasons for your hair loss may differ from other peoples’ hair care product you should use would also be specified for your own needs. Our clinic helps our patients to analyze their specific situation with their hair and we offer the most effective option available.

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Hair products offered by our clinic

  • Advanced Hair Repair Serum with Dermaroller, This serum works wonders on your dying hair follicles. By stimulating cells in your hair, the hair growth process is accelerated beyond belief. With this package, we also offer a Dermaroller. Dermaroller helps you to open your skin’s pores so that serum spreads better among your hair follicles.
  • Follicle Plus Multivitamin, This multivitamin supplement reduces thinning hair and promotes the growth of your hair. This formula is one hundred percent drug-free and contains only vitamins beneficial for your hair. It shows results only after 3 months of usage and reduces hair loss by more than thirty percent.
  • Follicle Plus Repair Shampoo, This shampoo not only cleans your hair perfectly, but it is also beneficial for your hair’s health. Its formula is free of paraben, SLS, and Sulfate which many shampoos in the market often contain. These chemicals are natural enemies of your hair. This shampoo’s key indegrients that help your follicle health are biotin, sodium DNA, Keratin, and herbal stem cells.
  • Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum, This serum helps you to keep hair frizz-free by coating your follicles and filling your hair’s ridges strand by strand. This serum is free of chemicals with adverse effects and rich in sodium DNA, keratin, stem cells, and vitamins
  • Follicle Plus Beard Serum, Our products are specialized for the area they are intended to be used. Beard follicles are different from hair follicles by nature so a different approach is needed for a lustrous and smooth beard for the dashing look you always wanted. It’s a formula that contains no chemicals with any side effects that will keep your skin smooth while helping your beard to grow and shine.
  • Follicle Plus Three Months Package and Six Months Package, our package deals include three or six bottles of shampoo,  vitamins, and serum bottles. Which are enough for three or six months of usage. Monthly packages offer up to twenty-five percent discount on top of already affordable hair care products.
  • Titanium Dermaroller, This dermaroller made out of titanium microneedles is the perfect product for maximum efficiency. These microneedles open up pores on your scalp so that our already effective products’ efficiency can be maximized.

There are discounts of up to forty percent on all our products! With our top of the line hair care products and very affordable prices, you will feel the change and you will be satisfied.

Do Clinicexpert hair products really work?

Our products are guaranteed to give you the results you desire. The high satisfaction of our patients is a point of pride for our clinic. Just like we offer the best hair transplant techniques in Turkey with many satisfied customers, we also offer the best products available for hair loss prevention and hair growth. Our all-natural solutions are the answer to preventable hair loss. Our affordable prices will satisfy you while you realize your ideal self-image. Do ClinicExpert Products Really Work?

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