Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair Transplant In Turkey Hair loss can be a nightmare for many people. Many causes can cause it and most of us don’t want to lose our hair. A thinning hairline can cause concerns, harm our self-image, and negatively affect every aspect of our lives. A hair transplant may be the answer to your woes.

Hair transplant techniques

Hair transplant has evolved throughout the years. While it was an operation with a low chance of success 10 years ago, today it has a nearly perfect chance of success and completely safe. The best scientific minds around the globe researched the best hair transplant techniques and made it the safe and successful operation that it is today. There are 3 main techniques for hair transplant

  • FUT: This technique includes cutting a long narrow strip of skin on the back of your head. Individual follicles are then removed and implanted onto the desired area. FUT is an outdated technique by now, which isn’t used by expert surgeons anymore. Our clinic does not use the FUT technique.
  • FUE: This technique includes the removal of hair follicles directly from the skin. Series of canals are cut on your head to insert said follicles onto your head. The best part of the FUE technique is, you can avoid cutting the back of your head (which happens with the FUT technique) therefore avoiding a scar that may take years to heal if it ever does. Our clinic provides FUE treatment. While FUE is a lot more advanced technology compared to FUT, it is still not the best technique to halt and recover your lost hairline.
  • DHI: DHI is by far the best method of hair transplant available worldwide. With DHI, manually opening hair canals and insertion of follicles happen simultaneously via laser technology. This eases the burden on your hair roots and helps your hair to graft more successfully. With DHI you don’t need to have your hair shaved before the treatment. And the best part is, there is no mark of any operations so your hair will look completely natural after the procedure.
  • DHI PRO: DHI PRO uses the best parts of the DHI technique and puts even more care on top of it. This is the most desired method that our clinic provides for our patients. With DHI PRO includes care before the procedure to stop hair loss. After masterful usage of the DHI technique by our expert surgeons, laser therapy and hair care are provided for faster growth of your hair. DHI PRO is by far the best experience for regaining your hair and youthful look again.

Our operations, either FUE, DHI, or DHI PRO, are performed under anesthesia performed by our expert Anesthesiologists therefore the procedure is completely pain-free.

Online Diagnosis

Which hair transplant technique is the best for me?

While the FUT technique is completely outdated, there are many people who can’t decide between FUE, DHI, or DHI PRO techniques. Our expert staff will consult you and check the situation of your hair to offer you a treatment specified for your hair. The condition of each hair is different therefore the needs of every person differ greatly between them. A careful and experienced approach is needed for the best results. Our clinic provides the best hair transplant experience available tailored for your specific needs.

Are there any complications in hair transplant operations?

This is the question most people ask when considering a hair transplant as an option. Over the years with advancements in technology and know-how, hair transplant operations became more successful with nearly no complications. Even minuscule hiccups can be solved easily by experienced surgeons and intensive aftercare. Of course, you would want to consider your options carefully before deciding to take this procedure. Our clinic offers the best hair transplant solutions available and the most caring staff possible to satisfy your every need for your hair.

Hair transplant in Turkey

Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey has become a hotspot for hair transplant operations. With great techniques and care, a hair transplant in Turkey has become one of the best options. Our affordable prices and careful, diligent approach to hair transplant treatments, make our country one of the most desired places for getting a treatment. Turkey has become the central hub of hair transplant treatments across the globe. Great success rates, competitive prices, and great aftercare make our country one of the leading options for hair transplants. Our clinic has provided hair transplant treatments for many patients from different countries.

Hair Transplant Treatments

We use the most advanced technologies and our surgeons are greatly experienced. The quality of our service and our low prices will surely leave you satisfied while you regain your best looks. Hair transplant in Turkey is what you need if you want your treatment to be successful and affordable. Our DHI and DHI PRO treatments are the best options available for your hair, your costs will be low, but your satisfaction and happiness will be priceless. With our clinic’s DHI and DHI PRO treatment options, your hair will look better than it did! Especially our DHI PRO treatment will make your hair healthier than ever.

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