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Dental Implants In Turkey: Teeth Done In Turkey

Lost one or more tooth and you are looking to get them back? The Dental Implants Turkey can provide you with are some of the best option regarding quality-price relation. The procedure provides you with a natural-looking artificial tooth securely fasten to replace your missing tooth. The implant does not only look great but it blends perfectly with the rest of your teeth. And, additionally, the surgery also returns you much of your mouth functionality. No longer will you feel that chilling reminder that you lost a tooth when you happen to chew food in that side of your mouth. When it comes to dental implants, Turkey has got all you need.

Why Dental Implants?

Losing a tooth is a rather tragic experience, losing more than a single tooth is even worse. The loss of it means that there is now a void, empty space inside you mouth people will notice every time you smile. Speaking of smiling, losing a tooth also prevents you from forming a full smile. Something that will not sit well next time you take a selfie or, worse, a family picture. People that notice it on your day to day life will also have an opinion on it. We people subconsciously associate the missing of a tooth with a lack of hygiene on that person’s part. We also associate it with sloppiness, total lack of self-care, and a sign that you might have been living rough. Needless to say, if you are looking to close a business deal or get that job, you are at a disadvantage here. Even if it is just a single tooth that you lost!

Losing a Tooth Also Affects Your Mouth’s Functionality

But enough of other people, what does missing a tooth or two mean for you? Lower self-esteem that is what it means. Not only missing a tooth makes it feel really weird when you chew, but it will also make you feel much less attractive. And, speaking of chewing, doing so with a tooth missing also has some serious consequences for your jaw. See, the jawbone where your teeth actually rest really, really likes having the full set of teeth on it. So much so that losing just one leads to it debilitating. The jawbone will start to lose bone mass in the missing tooth area rapidly due to lack of stimulation. Stimulation that comes from just having a tooth in place and chewing with it. Luckily a dental implant will do the trick. So, it’s not only solves a cosmetic issue but also a functional one.

Teeth Implants Surgery In Turkey

The actual surgical procedure to place any dental implant is a long one. Not because it requires an hours-long surgery where you lose half your day. But because it has three different phases which require extensive, months-long rest after the first two. Hence why you should be ready to commit to a procedure that requires patience. Do not worry, the results are worthy. The dental implant Turkey provides you with will last you a long time.

As stated, the surgery consists of three different phases: Extracting, Implanting, Crowning. Each proceeds as described next.

Extracting Phase

The very first phase of the surgery and one that will require the extraction of any remaining bone the tooth left behind. Even when it fell off, the lost tooth leaves some bone in the place it formerly stood. Quite a lot of bone if it cracked or broke off at surface level. To make room for the implant, these remains have to be taken out. For that, the surgeon will make an incision on the gum where the tooth used to be to open it up. then, using dental tweezers, the proceed to pull out all the remaining bone from the cavity. The job is not done yet, though. After gotten out all the bone, the place will actually require a bone graft. This due to the implant needing a layer of bone to integrate with and act as a buffer between it and the jawbone proper. The extracted bone would not do for that due to most of it being in the space the implant will occupy. The surgeon can repurpose some of the bone extracted for that, use bone from another source, or even choose to use synthetic bone. Whichever option they choose, they will neatly place the required layer of bone graft in the cavity before stitching close and concluding the extraction phase. You will require four to six months to recover and let the graft take to the zone, no less than that will do.

Implanting Phase

After recovering, its time to continue the surgery. To place the implant, the surgeon will open up the gum once again with an incision. The implant post, a titanium-made long piece of metal resembling a screw is placed on the open cavity. This will be the new root that will hold firmly in place the new artificial tooth you are about to get. Once firmly planted, the surgeon sutures together the gum around the post but not over it, leaving the top of it peeking out. The post is made out of titanium due to the alloy singular ability to blend effectively with bone. Thus, your jawbone will not reject the implant once it blends. Yet, it requires around six months for it to do so which means another six months-long rest period for you.

Crowing Phase

After, likely, over a year waiting, its time. Walk into your surgeon’s office one last time to finally get your new tooth. Your surgeon will outfit the top of your implant post with an abutment and lay your new tooth to rest on top it firmly secured. Your surgeon chooses the tooth for you beforehand to match the rest of your teeth, thus, it will blend seamlessly in your smile.

Full Set Of Dental Implants Price Turkey

Turkey became an international powerhouse for cosmetic surgeries in the last two decades, that includes dental surgery. The reason for it is because Turkey, as a developing country, has lower salaries and costs of services. Services that include cosmetic surgery services. This enables the country to offer Teeth Implants Turkey for almost a third of the price of the same procedure in the UK. And, make no mistake, the quality is just as high and surgeons hold all the international accreditations. But don’t take our word for it. just look t the fact that every year more and more clients from abroad come to Turkey to have their dental work done here. If you are looking for quality and affordable dental implants, Turkey is the place where it is at.

How cheap are dental implants Turkey?

Generally speaking, the average price of dental implant Turkey stands at almost a third the UK price.

How long will my dental implant Turkey last?

The lifespan of a dental implant Turkey sits between 5 to 10 years depending on the care given to it.

Are there other alternatives to dental implants turkey?

There are dental bridges and removable dentures. Yet, none offer the level of quality, natural-look, or durability a firmly planted dental implant Turkey affords.

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