Cold Laser Hair Therapy Reviews

Cold Laser Hair Therapy Reviews For any healthy adult shedding around 50-100 hair a day is considered normal. But when it becomes excessive and when the noticeable bald spots show up, you have right to worrying about hair loss. According to statistics, prevalence increases with age, %57 of women and %73 of men suffers from pattern hair loss, in other words androgenetic alopecia.

Despite losing hair changes nothing about your physical health, it means too much for one’s physical appeal, self-confidence and social worth. The negative effects of hair loss, leads people to consider hair regaining options like using topical medications, cold laser therapy and hair transplant. In this article we will be mentioning the newest and safest methods and cold laser hair therapy reviews.

Maybe about 10 years ago it might’ve been risky, costly and exceptional, but today’s procedures are far beyond it. Cold laser hair therapy – also referred to as low-level laser therapy or red light therapy- is promoted as a safe alternative or additional treatment which is applied very smooth and easefully.

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In this technique, the red light emitted by devices is getting absorbed by your scalp tissue. The lasers don’t hurt or burn the skin; what they do is stimulating the follicles, increasing blood flow and bringing nutrients into the roots that your hair need to grow. The devices such as portable and stable overhead panels or bonnets covering your head is usable in your doctor’s office or even at your own place. During the application, you don’t feel any discomfort just you’ll be enjoying the recovery of your hair.

What You Need to Do For Restoring Your Hair’s Health

Hair loss stems from many different reasons. Your hair needs some nutrients to grow like certain vitamins, minerals, protein and when it’s deprived of these, starts weakening and even falling extremely. You should pay attention needed to your hair and provide it a nourishing complex regularly, both from inside and outside. While some circumstances that cause hair loss like being damaged by cosmetic procedures, medical issues or treatments are reversible but some are not. If you’re genetically-predisposed, most of the time it’s inevitable to lose some hair and the best option might be applying to hair recovering techniques like laser therapy and hair transplant.

When it comes to aesthetic operations, many people assume that it’s a suffering process, costs too much and takes serious to time to heal. But with today’s medical technologies having the desirable appearance is not a big deal. As one of the most popular plastic operations of today, hair transplant is applied successfully for years.

But still, a procedure like this should be running by a very professional and reliable hands for sure. Any medical intervention requires highest attention. Referring to fully-equipped clinics and expert staff of practitioners, hair transplant in Turkey is getting more and more preferred and well-known by patients both from distant and nearby countries.

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About The Hair Transplant Technologies

There are three different techniques in hair transplant:

  • FUT (which is the oldest and no longer used)
  • FUE
  • DHI and DHI Pro

The main difference between FUE and DHI techniques that are currently valid, the scalp tissue is far less effected by the procedure in DHI system. FUE includes removing natural follicles and opening micro incisions to implant grafts that taken from the donor area. The incision process links up to longer operation time and longer healing period after operation!

Since the DHI Choi Pen devices made available to open channels and implant the grafts at the same time, operation and healing process has been far shorter. Besides with these special pens it’s possible to control of the direction of follicles and minimize the space between them is much easier, so you will gain a more shapely and natural look as well.

The local anaesthesia is applied to the area so the procedure is completely painless and comfortable. The best advantage to many people is that there’s no need for shaving before operation. DHI techniques makes the direct implantation possible without giving up your whole hair. Therefore DHI technology is the newest and best hair transplant technique as accepted by the most qualified clinics worl wide.

DHI PRO hair transplant system consists of both before and aftercare processes. DHI technique is enriched with cold laser therapy and hair care products that encourages your hair to grow faster, thicker and shinier. When the best results achieved by DHI PRO, you won’t even remember how was it before.

Meet the Best Options For Hair Transplant

Hair transplant services are way more accessible compared to the past, for everyone who desires to regain their young and well-cared appearance. While the techniques developing in time, the costs vary due to increasing qualification of procedure. Once you see how affordable the prices are, you’ll have no doubt that hair transplant is very suitable for you too. For best consultancy service and detailed information, you can take a look at reputable, best quality hair transplant Turkey centers. There is no need to wait longer for doing yourself a favor and check on cold laser hair therapy reviews, hair transplant options and hair care products that will just work for you.

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