Enzyme That Stop Hair Growth

Enzyme That Stop Hair Growth As we know today thanks to science, our body produces certain biological chemical compounds called enzymes that govern many features of our body. From the breath, we take to the food we ingest every basic function of our body is directed due to the work of enzymes. The production of these enzymes is governed by hormones produced by certain parts and organs of our body. And of course, our brain governs all of these changes. Even the slightest mishap happening in one of our organs may affect the whole system.

And our hair is no different. The growth and loss of our hair are determined by the production of

certain hormones and enzymes. Some enzymes help our hair to grow, some of them stop that growth altogether and some even cause our hair to fall off. Testosterone hormone, commonly called “male hormone” (this naming should not confuse us since this hormone while produced much more in the male body, is also produced in the female body) reacting with an enzyme called five-alpha reductase produces Dihydrotestosterone or shortly DHT.

The sensitivity of hair follicles to this certain chemical is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. This chemical “eats away” so to speak, eats up your follicles, weakens them therefore slows or even causes you to lose your hair completely. There is also a hormone much more common in women which are called DHEA. This hormone reacting with five-alpha reductase may also result in the production of DHT, therefore, causing hair loss all the same.

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So we can say with lots of certainties that five-alpha reductase is an enzyme that stops hair growth and causes hair loss. If your hair loss progresses to a state where treatments and supplements are not enough to counterbalance the effects of this DHT then your best bet is considering a hair transplant operation. Aside from this, there are many other common reasons for hair loss.

Issues that result in lost hair

  • Losing hair might have many reasons. We can count issues that cause losing hair as,
    Heredity: Hereditary factors manifesting themselves over the years is easily the most widespread issue that results in baldness. The scientific name for this issue is Androgenic alopecia. Often, losing your hair because of hereditary factors happens step by step while showing many predictable patterns in the process. Hairline recedes bit by bit each day, bald spots are commonly seen in men. A hair transplant easily solves this issue.
  • Medical issues or issues stemming from hormonal anomalies: Adjustments our body goes through the stem from hormonal changes that our body does on its own or from external adjustments. Hormonal changes our body goes through during childbirth, menopause, or pregnancy and hormonal issues such as thyroid problems may also result in loss of hair. Scalp infections, the immune system rejecting all hair on the body, etc. may also cause loss of your hair.
  • Drugs and diet: Some harmful addictives, while causing addiction, sickness, and even death may also be guilty of making you lose your hair. Also, chemical medications, which we usually have to take, are also found to result in losing hair. Dietary preferences are another one of a huge factor in having healthy hair.
  • Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy, often applied to treat cancer, more times than not results in people losing their hair. Hair sometimes doesn’t grow back after the treatment even if it grows back, sometimes its’ health is lost forever.
  • Trauma (either emotional or physical): Emotionally scarring incidents, such as being shocked, etc., and trauma especially on the head area may result in partial or even complete baldness. Thankfully, hair loss due to these reasons is usually temporary and hair regrows after this condition passes. But there are incidents permanence of hair loss is seen.
  • Excessive hairstyling: This reason for hair loss especially coupled with lots of harmful chemicals can be permanent. Treatments on your hair should always be done by or under the supervision of experts with strict control.

Can we prevent hair loss?

While preventative measures might stop losing your hair, losing hair due to heredity, and aging usually cannot be avoided. So when you suffer from such an issue, your best bet is to go for a hair transplant.

Where should I get my hair transplant?

Getting a hair transplant in Turkey is the most popular option nowadays. Our clinic offers great options and the best hair transplant techniques for our patients. Our staff may consult you on your specific situation of hair loss before advising one of our top of the line treatments for you. So come now and gain your lustrous hair back and together let’s top the enzyme that stop hair growth on your scalp.

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