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Best Hair Transplant Doctors, Are you thinking of undergoing hair transplant surgery in the near future? Well, would you not like to get the best doctor you can find for that? As a very personal investment in which you invest so much of your self-image, you want this to go as best it can go. 

You want the best, so you better get the best doctor for you. Now, the problem becomes: how would you find it? Is there a list of best hair transplant doctors? A top 10 or 25 list of the absolute best hair transplant doctors conducting surgeries near you? An app for that, perhaps? 

Likely there is, but nothing beats finding out for yourself by checking out some important items from a list. When running through your shortlist of the best hair transplant doctors, see if they meet up the following criteria. The more of these criteria boxes they check off, the more likely they are the best one for you.

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What To Look For In The Best Hair Transplant Doctors

There are many hair transplant surgeons these days. And it should not come as a surprise at all, its all due to supply and demand. The last two decades, hair transplant surgery has exploded in popularity. Similar to breast enlargement, what use to be a niche procedure for the select few that could afford it has gone mainstream. 

And changes in social attitudes too somewhat responsible for a significant part of this. From the start of the commercial availability of this procedure during the 50s and all the way to the late 90s, it was unthinkable that a public figure would admit they had the procedure. That’s no longer the case anymore. 

From football superstars to comedians and actors, more and more they all openly admit going under the knife to restore their locks of hair. there’s no stigma attached to it. And that means that more and more people would casually decide to undergo the procedure if they think they need it almost on a whim. 

This created a global hair transplant industry that is not only powerful in developed countries but also in developing ones as well. The increase in demand, thus, creates a worldwide supply of a seemingly ever-increasing amount of hair transplant surgeons. 

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There’s so much to choose from. So, how are you going out to choose one from among all of that talent? By seeing if they check out most of the following essential items which all of the best hair transplant doctors do.

Uses The Right Technique

There have been quite a few hair transplantation techniques across the years. One of the latest ones went by the name of strip surgery. It consisted of an extraction of a strip of hair from the back of the scalp for later bisection to harvest many hair follicles from. This left a wide horizontal scar from the incision which was not elegant at all. That, coupled with the extended recovery period needed to heal that large scar made the procedure a bit too troublesome for some. So, the times called for something new.

Enter the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant. Instead of taking a large strip, the FUE takes the individual hair follicles directly from the donor area one by one. This saves you from having a large scar as well as requiring less recovery time. FUE is so effective that doctors now recommend undergoing it to cover the scar from a past strip surgery. 

Alternatively, there’s also Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) a variation of FUE that makes use of an implanter device. Said implanter gives much more control on the depth and angle of each graft made. The results are just as spectacular as FUE’s.

Strip surgery is a technique that is on its way out, yet, some doctors still perform it. Do not choose that technique if you want the best possible results possible today. Instead, make sure the doctor you choose for your hair transplant is an expert on FUE or DHI. As the best hair transplantation techniques around, DHI gets the most natural-looking results compared to other techniques has. Fortunately, our doctors are well-known experts who can apply DHI the best.

Check Their Credentials

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). Those are two institutions that act as an authority on all thing’s hair transplant-related. That includes an extensive screening of doctors who seek to join in. Appearing in one or both as a member is a strong sign that the doctor in question is reliable. The database of both associations is accessible online, look for your prospective doctor there. 

Get An Evaluation Consultation

If you can afford to make an evaluation visit prior deciding if you will go through with the surgery, please, do so. It would be a perfect chance to evaluate the facilities, their cleanliness and, more importantly, the doctor and staff. Feeling comfortable with the doctor and the staff is crucial. 

The doctor himself does not do all the work during a hair transplant. There are a couple of assistants with them helping them out as much as they can. When you undergo a hair transplant, you are In the hands of the assistants just as much as you are in the hands of the doctors. 

Thus, trusting them as well is crucial. The kind of assistant a doctor has tells you a lot about their level of professionalism. So, get to know them as well if you can.

Beware Of Pushy Vendors

If your doctor tries to pressure you into signing up for surgery in any way by offering discounts or priority, be careful. It’s very likely they are in only to make a quick buck. Since hair transplant is a growing industry, so are sketchy offers. 

Any doctor that tries to rush you into surgery will likely not give you the level of attention you require for such a personal investment like this surgery. The best hair transplant doctors understand just how emotionally investing this surgery is. 

They would not dare to make you push you into it or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. If they seem like they are in a rush for profit, you better find another place.

We Got Some Of The Best Hair Transplant Doctors

As a hair transplant service provider, we are proud to have some of the best doctors among our staff. Besides checking all of the above criteria, our team of best hair transplant doctors put you first and foremost. 

They take the time to personalize the surgery to you up to the last detail. Scalp laxity, hair growth direction, optimal graft quantity, etc. Above all, the doctor and their staff treat you with the friendliness and professionalism you desire and expect. Contact us to inquire more about how you too can have a great surgery with the best hair transplant doctors available. 


Who is the best hair transplant doctor?

The best hair transplant doctor is the one that provides his patients a comfortable and convenient operation with good results. In this sense, our doctors are the best ones in the industry.

Are the best hair transplant doctors the most expensive ones?

No, not at all. Our doctors are some of the best in the industry and we offer budget-friendly prices to our guests.

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