Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men, Hair loss and baldness have always been a major problem for men. For this reason, the market has always been full of hair loss remedies. However, most of these products are ambiguous, and they do not have proven results; except for the hair transplant operation, which is the best hair loss treatment for men.

The reasons that make a hair transplant surgery superior to all the other remedies are countless. To begin with, the transplanted hair during the procedure is your own natural hair. Therefore, a hair transplant operation does not involve any synthetic products. Moreover, the results are permanent and %100 risk-free. Feel free to contact our clinic to find out more about what a hair transplant can offer you.

Why a Hair Transplant is Better Than Other Hair Loss Treatments

Most of the hair loss solutions out there is a total waste of time and money. Hair transplant surgery is the only procedure that can significantly encourage hair growth. What all the other products do is merely reducing the speed of hair loss. Therefore, you will not see any experience changes in the growth rate of your hair after using hair loss products. On the other hand, the positive results of a hair transplant operation are life-changing. 

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Hair Transplant is Permanent

Hair products are not only ineffective but also need to be used repetitively for a long period of time. The moment you stop using these products, the very little effects that they have is going to completely disappear. However, a hair transplant does not require repetition. Once the doctors complete the procedure, the results of a hair transplant are final. 

Hair Transplant Looks Very Natural

The appearance of your hair after the transplant operation will also look very natural. The doctors in our clinic have years of experience, and they are experts when it comes to natural results. Because the aim of a hair transplant operation is not only making the patient grow hair. The transplanted hair needs to look natural. Therefore, the planning needs to be meticulous. That is exactly what we offer to our patients when they come to us with hair loss problems.

Other solutions, such as hair contact or wigs, exist too. However, the fact that it is fake hair is so obvious that you can notice it from a mile away. Fortunately, this is not the case in a hair transplant operation. In order to tell whether someone had a hair transplant operation or not, you need to be an expert. Moreover, it does not leave any scars after the operation. So, there is no way that the people will notice that you have had a hair transplant. The only thing they will notice is going to be a significant improvement in your hair growth.

The costs are affordable

Contrary to what some people think, a hair transplant operation is actually very affordable. Other hair loss remedies need repetition, which means paying more every once in a while. For instance, if you have hair contact, you need to take it to a special salon for taking care of it. Not to forget, you need to do this very often and pay a lot of money for this. 

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The medications for hair loss is another story. You need to pay for them every month whenever you run out. In turn, you will not even see any significant changes. In other words, if you choose other solutions, it will cost you more in the long run. As a matter of fact, you will be paying money for those products as if it was a monthly subscription.

However, if you choose a hair transplant operation to end hair loss, you will not need any of that. You will have the surgery only once and then go on with your regular life. The prices in our clinic are very affordable, especially when you consider our quality. You can contact us whenever you want, and benefit from the advantages of our clinic.

A hair transplant operation is %100 risk-free

We know that some of the hair loss medications have some side effects. Besides, there are many products out there that do not even have the approval of the FDA. Using these products without knowing what inconveniences it may bring is a bad idea. 

Hair transplant surgery is a minor procedure where our surgeon works only on your scalp. The doctor does not touch anything except your scalp, and this process does not leave any scars. Although we do not encounter any problems in our clinic, things are different in some other clinics. For instance, some bad clinics work with inexperienced doctors who do not know what they are doing. As a result, the hair transplant experience turns out to be bad for the patient. However, that has never been the case in our clinic, because we work with the best.


Will I feel pain during a hair transplant?

You will be under anaesthesia during the hair transplant surgery; therefore, you will not feel even the slightest of pain.

Can medications help me grow hair?

Some hair loss medications can reduce the amount of hair loss or slightly strengthen your hair. In other words, it may be a preventative measure. However, it will not make you grow hair from scratch as hair transplant does.

Do I need to stop taking medications before a hair transplant?

It depends on the type of medications you are taking. Nevertheless, you should avoid taking painkillers before the surgery. If you are using any sort of medications, you must report it to your doctor. He will tell you if it is okay to keep using them prior to the surgery.

Can women have hair transplant surgery too?

Yes, the hair transplant operation is suitable for both men and women. However, the planning of the procedure is going to be different for each gender. Because men’s hair needs to look masculine, whereas women’s need to be feminine.

Is smoking allowed after a hair transplant?

Smoking after a hair transplant surgery will slow down the recovery process. Therefore, you should not smoke until you completely recover.

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