What Is J-Plasma?

How Is Plasma Energy Used in J Plasma Operations? 

J Plasma is the process of giving plasma energy, which is formed by the combination of radiofrequency energy and helium gas, to different areas on the skin where it is needed. Also known as ‘‘Renuvion’’ or just ‘‘Renuvion skin tightening’’, it is a relatively new cosmetic procedure and can only be successfully performed in some certain hospitals in Istanbul, including ClinicExpert. We use the plasma energy  in safe levels of radiofrequency combined with cold helium gas to tighten the skin and improve the results of liposuction. 

J Plasma is used to rejuvenate a person’s skin on a particular body part such as the neck or face. It is a very safe technique that we perform in cold states. It is a non-invasive approach and enables quick recovery. At the present time, we use radiofrequency procedures are more commonly than surgical procedures due to developing technology.

The procedure uses cutting edge field-specific technology that is revolutionizing the cosmetic surgery industry. It aims to create a more youthful appearance and smooths out wrinkles and scars. 

We should conduct an examination should before the procedure. A proper treatment plan makes a contribution to more successful treatment. The ability to perform in a single session increases the rate of preference. Recovery process should be completely supervised by the doctor. It is a pain-free modality due to developing technology. 

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Procedure time 1-2 hoıırs 
Anesthesia  Local or general anesthesia
Side effects  Swelling, nausea, redness
Recovery  1-2 weeks 

J Plasma Combined with Vaser Liposuction in Istanbul 

Liposuction (fat removal surgery) is one of the most common operations that we perform. Although liposuction might help contour your body lines, sadly it can also leave you with loose skin. Until recently, we used to think body lift procedures were the only way to deal with the loose or sagging skin. That’s why most people prefer to have liposuction and body lift operations combined. However, since these procedures need incisions, they leave visible scarring on the skin. Patients were always disappointed because there was no scarless lift option, until now. 

When we combine Vaser liposuction with Renuvion skin tightening and utilize the innovative plasma device, typically powered by helium plasma, we are able to eliminate complications such as skin sagging and skin irregularities. Thus, while the body contour becomes clear, we also obtain a tighter and younger-looking skin appearance.

Why Do We Prefer J Plasma at the ClinicExpert Hospital? 

Although the human body ages with time, it has the ability to regenerate itself. However, many problems such as distress and tension that people experience in their social lives, as well as environmental factors, affect the skin. The skin renewal is provided with the help of plasma technologies in cases where regeneration is inadequate. It is possible to rejuvenate the skin and achieve a baby-like appearance with this new minimally invasive technique. ClinicExpert’s best plastic surgeons prefer the J Plasma skin tightening procedure to give patients a younger appearance.

ClinicExpert performs J Plasma, which is a very expensive minimally invasive treatment on its own, as the additional final stage of Vaser liposuction operations. Thus, our patients attain a completely rejuvenated skin appearance on top of the essential results of the minimally invasive liposuction surgery. We developed this combined method since we realized it increases patient satisfaction up to 98-100%. If you are interested in minimally invasive Vaser liposuction and J Plasma operations, you can contact us right away. Don’t forget that our consultation services are for free.

Benefits of J Plasma Renuvion 

J Plasma technique has quite many benefits. First of all, the results are permanent. The outcomes give a homogeneous appearance, which helps people to increase their self-confidence. Additionally, the application of Renuvion skin tightening, powered by innovative rf energy, contributes to enhanced collagen production, further improving the skin’s texture and elasticity.

Renuvion skin tightening is a quick procedure. We discharge our patients on the same day after having their surgery. Surgical incision scars subside in a short time, usually in just one week. Renuvion skin tightening may take longer or shorter depending on whether we perform it alone or in combination with liposuction. The operation, which usually takes 1-2 hours when applied alone, may take 2-4 hours when applied in addition to liposuction surgery.


The recovery time after Renuvion skin tightening  can differ from patient to patient. Although it takes approximately 2 weeks in most patients’ cases, the redness lasts about 4 weeks. Our patients can go back to work within a few days after the procedure. They usually only take the painkillers for the first couple of days, as they don’t get much pain after J plasma.     

Who Is Suitable? 

Renuvion treatment can easily be performed in many age groups. We require our patients to be at least 20 years old in general. You can safely prefer the treatment in the face area if you are under 70 years old. For the body areas, we consider between 30 and 70 years olds as the best age group. 

If you wonder whether you are suitable for J Plasma Renuvion, you can contact us right away via WhatsApp or telephone, or you can leave your information on the right side and our consultants will get back to you in the shortest time. 

What are the side effects of J Plasma Renuvion?

There are no long-lasting side effects in J Plasma Renuvion treatment. You may expect mild swelling and bruising after the treatment, but these will subside within a week or 10 days.

How painful is J plasma?

Although J Plasma Renuvion is a fast procedure and we perform it under local anesthesia (if performed alone), you might still experience a mild discomfort once the anesthesia wears off. Most patients report that the treatment isn’t as painful as they fear.

Can Renuvion be done more than once?

Renuvion skin tightening provides significant results quickly. You are not likely to need another J Plasma procedure to improve the results.

Is J Plasma better than a tummy tuck?

J Plasma Renuvion is considered to be one of the safest alternatives to traditional tummy tuck procedures in recent years. The J Plasma procedure has the ability to shrink and tighten loose skin without using damaging incisions, which gives it an upper hand compared to tummy tuck.

What are the treatment areas of J Plasma?

We can apply J Plasma renuvion to many different parts of the skin without any complications. The satisfaction level of the desired results is enhanced when combined together with plastic surgery procedures.

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