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What Does a BBL in Turkey Do?

What Does a BBL in Turkey Do?

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

You may have heard of BBL before, but do you know these three letters stand for? BBL is the abbreviation for Brazilian Butt Lift. As the name suggests, we perform BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey to lift the butt. However, we can do much more with this operation. BBL is also pretty successful in giving a younger skin appearance to the application area and making the buttocks larger. Moreover, patients do not need anything other than their own fat tissues for this. By combining BBL surgery mostly with Liposuction (fat removal), we first remove unwanted fat tissues from our patients’ bodies. We usually collect these fats from places where excess fat accumulates, such as the abdomen, upper arms, upper legs and thighs. Immediately after, we perform the BBL surgery by injecting them into the buttocks with the injection method.

If you consider having a serious surgical operation like Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey you shouldn’t make decisions without checking all your options meticulously. As ClinicExpert, we use the best and most up-to-date techniques, devices and equipment for our patients, thanks to our over 12 years of experience. Send us a message via Whatsapp below and we’ll get back to you within seconds. Our medical consultants won’t leave any of your inquiries answerless. 

BBL Turkey Overview

If you are considering having a BBL surgery in Turkey , you may be wondering not only the surgery itself but also the general surgery process. In particular, questions such as “what side effects may occur after the surgery” and “how soon can I return to work” are among the things our patients are most curious about. The table below can give you a general idea about this.

Procedure time 1-2 hours
Anesthesia  General anesthesia 
Side effects Soreness, bruising, bleeding
Return to work 1-2 weeks

Who Is Suitable for a BBL Turkey?

We can perform Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey to a wide range of patients. It is only essential for the candidates to have a sufficient amount of fat to be injected in the buttocks. If the buttocks are sagging,  the surgeon must remove the excess skin before performing the BBL surgery. Other than that, if you are older than 18 and you don’t have any medical conditions that might prevent you from having general anesthesia, you can consider yourself a good candidate for a BBL Turkey.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Although, the procedure isn’t painful or anything, BBL recovery period may be a little challenging since patients are likely to have difficulty in sitting. We provide a BBL pillow for every patient and advise them to use it for at least a few weeks.

You can expect mild swelling on the surgery areas after Brazilian Butt Lift, but this is very common and will completely go down within a couple of months. We require you to wear a compression garment after your surgery. The compression garment helps the buttocks have a rounder shape, besides subsiding the edema and swelling.

If your pain threshold is moderate, then mild painkillers that your doctor will prescribe would be enough for you. In most cases, patients can go back to their daily routines one week after having BBL surgery in Turkey. You can plan your medical trip for a bit longer if you want to turn this opportunity into a medical holiday and spend a few more days in Turkey.

BBL Surgery Cost in Turkey

After comprehending the details of the BBL procedure, the final question is: How much is BBL in Turkey?

First of all let’s point out one important fact: BBL surgery in Turkey cost much lower especially when compared to Brazilian Buttock Lift and Tummy Tuck costs in the UK and other European countries.  And therefore, Turkey is an incredible opportunity for those who have financial concerns. You can have an affordable BBL here at the ClinicExpert Hospital in Istanbul, and get the results worth even more than the price.

Turkey UK US 
2000-3000 € 6250-7000€ 8000-10000$

People opting to have a BBL surgery Turkey achieve satisfying results with ClinicExpert. Our success rate in Brazilian Butt Lift is around %98, which is very high compared to many clinics and hospitals in Turkey. If you want to find out more about our procedure, you can fill in the form on the right side, or contact us via telephone anytime you want.

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