Hair Transplant Turkey Results

When Will I See the Results from a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

During our preliminary interviews our patients often ask when they can see the results of hair transplantation in Turkey. Of course, their biggest wish is to have the hair of their dreams as soon as possible. However, the growth time of the transplanted hair varies from person to person. Therefore, it would not be correct to say a precise time on this issue. Still, we can say that we see the final results between 10-12 months in most of our patients who have undergone hair transplant in Turkey. This process may take a shorter time depending on your hair structure and environmental factors. Also, the hair transplant technique may affect the extent of the recovery period. You can find about the differences between the FUE and DHI techniques before choosing.

When deciding to have a hair transplant, it is necessary to consider many things in detail. It is normal to worry twice as much, especially if you are considering having this operation abroad. For this reason, you will need medical consultants that you can trust and who will answer all your questions in an explanatory way. ClinicExpert assists its foreign patients with translators and medical consultants who can speak more than ten languages. You can contact us via WhatsApp or telephone to  get the most accurate and reliable information about hair transplantation in Turkey without language barrier. Enquire all your questions related to Turkey hair transplant result and more.

Turkey Hair Transplant Results

Factors such as the patient’s age, the sparseness of the hair and the rate of hair loss directly affect the Turkey hair transplant result. Another issue is whether the hair loss still continues. Our doctors plan a treatment process considering all these and accordingly. After these factors are thoroughly examined, the patient can be informed about how the treatment process will progress and how long it will take to get results.

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How Does a Hair Transplant in Turkey Process Go? 

Two weeks after hair transplantation is considered the beginning of the healing process. We recommend our patients to take two weeks off from work, if possible, and to spend this time at home. If this is not possible, you can also take a week off.

In the first two weeks after hair transplantation, small wounds in the transplantation area heal by scabbing. The scalp becomes more sensitive to microbes during this period. You should pay attention to protecting the operation area against sun rays and heat. The hair follicles we transplant hold onto their new places and adapt in this process.

The second stage in hair transplantation is the shock shedding process. After this stage, the hair enters the growth cycle. The first implanted hair grow about 1-2 cm monthly and  may be a little weaker than real hair.

The last process in hair transplantation is the growth process of the transplanted hair. Two months after hair transplantation, shock shedding ends and hair follicles begin to grow. After the fourth month, the hair strands begin to grow stronger. By the sixth month, more than 50 percent of the transplanted hair follicles should have grown. After the eighth and tenth months, the hair follicles that enter the normal growth cycle become thicker and thicker. From this moment on, the hair begins to take its natural form. At the end of the first year, the hair that grows out completely healthy continues to grow in its normal course.

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In short, it is possible to have both natural-looking and lush hair by having hair transplantation in Turkey. Do not forget that you can also follow us on our Instagram account to see the results of the hair transplant operation we performed at ClinicExpert Hospital. For detailed information, you can wait for our consultants to contact you by filling out the form on the side and you can make an appointment for free.

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