Which Is better FUE or DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE and DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

If you are interested in hair transplantation in Turkey, you have probably heard the words “FUE” and “DHI”. Do not let these concepts confuse you, they just express two different hair transplantation techniques. We will discuss the differences between FUE and DHI hair transplant in Turkey in this post. We hope that it will help our patients to decide between FUE and DHI hair transplant in Turkey. 

Before we talk about the differences between FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant in Turkey, there is something important to mention. We determine the technique we will use in the hair transplant operation in Turkey, according to several factors. The baldness rate, hair loss rate and the amount of quality hair follicles in the donor area are the main things we consider during the planning process. However, as in all aesthetic surgery operations, our main goal in hair transplantation is to make the patient happy. Therefore, we recommend the technique that we think will give the most satisfactory results to our patients.

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The Differences Between FUE and DHI 

Both FUE and DHI hair transplant Turkey are proven methods that enable our patients to achieve the hair they dream of. However, we are talking about two different techniques. These differences cause different results from patient to patient. Some of our patients achieve more satisfactory results with FUE hair transplantation technique and some with DHI Pro hair transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplant  

FUE technique in Turkey (Follicular Unit Extraction), is performed with a device called a micromotor in. We start the FUE technique with shortening the hair in the donor area to 1 mm.

The main difference between the DHI and FUE methods, is that we shave the donor area in the FUE operations. Thus, we are able to take the hair follicles more easily with the micromotor device.

We apply local anesthesia to the donor area and the transplantation area. We can also use sedation in some patients. Although FUE hair transplant Turkey is a surgical operation, patients don’t need general anesthesia. 

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We perform both phases of the operation with the help of the same device. The first phase is to take the follicles from the scalp and the second phase is to transplant them. That’s another difference between FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant in Turkey. In the DHI hair transplant procedure, we use a special pen called Choi Pen. 

FUE hair transplant is a relatively faster procedure compared to the DHI Pro technique. However, the recovery time is a bit longer in this one. Also, if you don’t want to get your hair shaved then FUE might not be the best choice. 

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DHI Pro Hair Transplant Turkey 

DHI Pro hair transplant in Turkey or Direct Hair Transplant was developed based on the FUE technique. Direct Hair Implant Turkey, or shortly DHI technique, is pretty much the same with FUE Turkey in terms of the process. Though,  the main difference is that we use Choi Pen to take the grafts from the donor area. We also use Choi Pen in the transplanting part of the procedure. 

We begin the procedure by applying local anesthesia to the donor area. Once the anesthesia is settled, we start taking the hair follicles one by one from the donor area with the Choi pen. We keep these follicles in a special solution for a short time afterwards. This way, the hair follicles can be kept alive throughout the whole procedure.

Once the harvesting process is completed, we start transplanting the hair into the scalp with the same pen. This time we use the other tip of the Choi Pen. Although DHI Pro Turkey is a fast approach, it still takes a bit longer than FUE hair transplant Turkey. Yet, it has its other advantages and is quite popular among the patients.  DHI technique is frequently used in the beard and mustache transplant in Turkey. 

5 Differences Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant Turkey 

Let’s finish this post by summing up the 5 differences between these two hair transplantation techniques.

  1. The device used in DHI technique requires special expertise. DHI hair transplant in Turkey is a little more costly than the FUE hair, as it is  extremely precise and requires individual work on each hair follicle.
  2. For the same reason, it is possible to transplant an average of 4500 grafts in a single session in the DHI technique. In FUE hair transplant, 5000 grafts can be transplanted in one session.
  3. In the DHI hair procedure, the transplantation phase starts directly after the grafts are collected. On the other hand, we have to wait for a bit longer during FUE transplant as we open the channels on the scalp. 
  4. Shaving the hair is essential to get great results from FUE hair transplant in Turkey, while DHI is an unshaven hair transplantation. 
  5. We recommend FUE hair transplant for those who need to have hair transplanted in larger areas. The DHI hair, on the other hand, is recommended for patients who need dense hair transplantation in a narrow area.

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