Surgical Breast Lift in Turkey

Breast Lift in Turkey

It is normal for breasts to sag after pregnancy or when you get older. Sometimes, no matter how full your chest is, it still can’t defy gravity. At such times, you need a major operation. Breasts can be lifted with surgical breast lift.

It is natural for your breasts to sag. It can be processed in a short time. In some cases, the breasts also lose their volume. This means both sagging and shrunken breasts. Some scarring on your breasts is inevitable. However, over time, the scars gradually take on the color of the surrounding skin. After a breast lift in Turkey, nodules and other abnormalities can be investigated.

Breast lift surgery in Turkey is an effective solution and is quite popular. If you want to get detailed information about the surgery, you can contact us via WhatsApp or telephone.

Information About Breast Lift

If breasts get too small after pregnancy or due to weight loss, it’s possible that the skin isn’t elastic enough to adapt. The breasts are then very large in the skin and begin to sag. Many factors affect this. Sometimes our genes may be to blame for this. Although the root cause always changes, the treatment does not.

Especially after the age of thirty, the skin begins to loosen. This is a natural process. Breast lift is a plastic surgery operation that corrects sagging or sagging breasts. A firmer breast is created again by surgically removing excess skin and reshaping the mammary gland at the same time.

Breast Lift with Breast Prosthesis

The easiest way to give your breasts more volume is to place the prosthesis on the breast. Dentures consist of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or water. You can choose between round and more drop-shaped prostheses. When making this choice together with your doctor, your body measurements are taken into consideration.

Your surgical breast lift doctor inserts the prosthesis through one of the incisions made to remove excess skin. Depending on your physique, this prosthesis will be above or below the muscle. The plastic surgeon pays great attention to the symmetry between the two breasts when placing the silicones. The plastic surgeon closes the wounds with stitches.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Take?

The process takes about two hours. If you do not go to your room immediately after the operation. You will be under observation for a while in the recovery room. When you are fully awake, the nurses will take you to your room. After the procedure, your breasts will be bandaged. There are tubes under the bandage to take the excess blood. Unlike breast lift, your wounds may heal late in this operation.

If you are well enough, you can go home the same day. Then an appointment will be made for the first control. During this check, the drains are removed. If fluid still collects in the tubes, then removal will be delayed for one day. You will need help for the first week after you return home.

Recovery Period from Breast Lift in Turkey

You can immediately see that the breast lift has taken place. But because the breasts are swollen, the result is a little distorted. In addition, the breasts are sometimes taped, so you can see the result only after a week. These tapes are for prevention against infection. You may also have minor bruises. These will pass soon.

You were under anesthesia and had an operation. This means you will get tired. So make sure you have someone at home who can drive you home for the first few days and help you with your daily activities. After breast lift operations, you are not allowed to make any physical effort on your own. If you are coming from abroad, you need to stay in Turkey for about 3 days during your recovery period.

Breast Lift Tape

For the first six weeks, you should wear the correct breast lift tape or a wireless bra day and night. A sports bra of the right size is recommended by experts first. Tape is something you can use later in the day. Especially women use this tape when they think about breast lift.

However, it will take about six weeks before you are allowed to exercise or do heavy physical work again. In the meantime, avoid things like bending and raising the arms as much as possible. Sports that do not load the arms, such as leg or abdominal muscle training, can be done. It takes an average of three weeks before you can resume most of your normal daily activities.

What are the Expectations from Breast Lift Surgery?

In breast lift surgery, the cup size does not change except when we attach prostheses. It is because we remove the skin alone. An existing size difference between the left and right breasts can be corrected immediately if needed. Then, in addition to the skin, a piece of breast tissue is taken from the largest breast.

Breast lift does not fix the problem of excess tissue extending from the armpit to the back in some women. As in any surgery, you must expect permanent scars. Their size and location largely depend on the amount of excess skin and the pattern of the breasts. Your surgical breast lift surgeon will discuss this with you.

Points to Consider in Breast Lift

If you have decided to lift your breasts, you need to pay attention to some things before the operation. If you are taking blood thinners, you should stop taking these drugs at least one week before the operation. You should never take medication secretly from your doctor.

Smoking is prohibited from 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after surgery. Nicotine increases the risk of wound healing problems. You should not take pain relievers before surgery. Other pain relievers, including those you can get without a prescription, can increase the risk of bleeding. Your doctor will tell you what medications you should take after a breast lift.

How Much Does a Surgical Breast Lift Cost?

Aesthetic operations have high costs. Because these operations are generally not covered by insurance. At the same time, the examinations after the operation and the products to be used are the responsibility of the patient. However, breast lift is the only permanent solution compared to alternative options.

For further and detailed information about the prices in just 5 minutes, all you need to do is to get in touch with our medical consultants.

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