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SMP Results One of the most annoying problems people may encounter is hair loss. As much as losing your hair hurts, going out without self-esteem can be more problematic, especially for youngsters. However, hair transplantation success rates are at an all-time high, so as other techniques like “SMP”.

However, people keep wondering, to what extent are the SMP results positive?

What does “SMP” stand for?

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SMP, short for scalp micropigmentation. It is often referred to as a hair tattoo. It is a non-surgical procedure that works as a camouflage on the area that has hair loss. In addition to that, it creates a better and stronger hairline.

Nowadays, this hair treatment is becoming increasingly popular among all types of people who suffer from thinning hair, baldness and receding hairline.

How is it done?

SMP (scalp micropigmentation) has the power of restoring the appearance of follicles. The natural pigment is gently injected onto the scalp. What makes this process a perfect choice is that it represents a solution for all stages and types of hair loss. In addition, it works on all skin tones. SMP usually takes 9-13 hours in order to finish. These 9-13 hours are distributed between 3 sessions most of the time.

According to those who have undergone the procedure, SMP results are astonishing. It’s like you’ve never been bald or had hair loss problems before!

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Is it permanent?

Indeed, scalp micropigmentation is a permanent treatment. However, some follow-up treatments may be required after 5-6 years. Actually, it depends on the way a person lives. For example, people who expose themselves to sunlight the most are more likely to require a touch-up sooner, and that’s because of fading.

How does it differ from regular tattoos?

SMP may be referred to as ‘’Hair tattoo” but it’s actually way more different. While both require a needle, scalp micropigmentation needles have to be considerably thinner. They are designed to inject ink deep inside the dermis, replicating hair follicles in the scalp. It is nothing like the crisp lines of an actual tattoo. They are more subtle. In addition, the used ink will match your hair color, leading to the famous natural SMP results.

Scalp micropigmentation Pros and Cons


  • It is a non-surgical process. You can resume your life in a matter of hours.
  • Minimal risks of infection.
  • Zero incisions.
  • Getting your self-esteem up a notch.
  • Long term value (with the adequate care, touch ups will be required after several years)
  • it works as a camouflage and hides scars in case you had unsuccessful hair transplantation in the past.
  • it is very cheap
  • SMP results can never disappoint.


  • This procedure does not have many disadvantages.
  • The process may involve some pain, but not to the point of discomfort.
  • You will have to avoid wetting your head after the process.
  • Although most people enjoy it, SMP is not the best solution for those who want long hair.

How to find the right SMP practitioner

One of the most acknowledged countries in the field is Turkey! With scientific research and technological advancements, Turkey has been the leading innovator in the world of plastic surgery in general. That’s why millions of people choose Turkey to solve their hair loss issues, along with several other complications like obesity etc…

Furthermore, the success of your SMP is highly dependent on the medical staff that will perform the procedure. That makes Turkey a great nominee. Consequently, SMP results will be 100 percent guaranteed, thanks to certified doctors and state of the art equipment.

Is it expensive?

In terms of cost, scalp micropigmentation is probably the cheapest method that deals with hair loss. However, in Turkey, the prices are always affordable, unlike other countries like the United States of America. More precisely, an SMP for a whole head costs between 1600/2500 dollars.

However, you can only find quality scalp micropigmentation services in a limited number of locations and from a limited number of providers.

We suggest Clinic Expert as a safe option in case you are considering a scalp micropigmentation procedure. Clinic Expert is a reputable medical center that provides high quality services, not only with SMP but also with other methods like Fue (follicular unit extraction).

Forget about the rainy days and get back on track. You can start by having a free consultation with an expert. Through this consultation, you can ask detailed questions about the procedure.

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