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SMP Hair Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is an extraordinarily detailed procedure that completely copies the natural appearance of micro hairs on the scalp. It is turning into extra famous around the World. SMP is a tattooing-like system wherein a device, just like a tattoo gun, is used to place pigment into the skin. While itis much like a tattoo, SMP differs in numerous essential ways. First, SMP is only carried out to the scalp and no different regions of the body. Furthermore, SMP is handiest carried out as small “dots” which mimic the arrival of a hair follicle shaved down or hair “stubble.” When those dots are positioned near together, they recreate the arrival of thick, dense, however, shaved hair.

Second, a specialized pigment and now no longer preferred tattoo ink is used all through the SMP system. Tattoo ink carries metallic pigments, which can also additionally oxidize an extra color over time (blacks flip an inexperienced or blue hue). SMP pigment ink, however, will now no longer change color. Lastly, maximum SMP is designed to handiest closing quickly and fade — normally inside 24 months. There is normally no ordinary look whilst it fades and may be touched-up if the affected person nevertheless needs the SMP “look.”

How Does It Work?

The aim of SMP isn’t to create hairlike lines as you will while microblading eyebrows, however as an alternative to apply tiny, layered dots in exclusive hues of black to copy the appearance of a shadow to your scalp. This style, called pointillism, is performed to create natural-searching intensity and definition. A professional practitioner will paintings to make certain the dots appear like a herbal hair follicle and mix in seamlessly together along with your complexion. This technique can be beneficial for those who revel in all sorts of hair loss. This consists of oldsters with: cancer, alopecia, thinning hair, male and lady sample baldness.SMP is mostly a correct adjunct to hair transplant surgery. Is it essential for a great beauty outcome? Absolutely not. Both SMP and hair transplantation can stand independently and create correct effects alone.

Online Diagnosis

However, many sufferers see again via way of means of combining both. This consists of patients who go through FUE to create a shorter “buzz cut” appearance who then use SMP to thicken the general look; sufferers who put on their hair longer and need to thicken the whole look or particular regions (commonly the crown); and sufferers with earlier FUE scars who need to camouflage those, in addition, to put on their hair even shorter withinside the donor location.

The remedy can ultimate everywhere from six to 10 hours however wishes a couple of classes, but it’s far all dependant on the size of the vicinity to be covered, the volume of balding, and the fashion the consumer has chosen. Multiple classes are required because the pigments from every session want time to settle in and the scalp wishes to heal. Eventually, the dots will seem lighter, softer and any redness will subside in order that via way of means of the following session the following layer may be cautiously deposited. This gradual build-up of sedation density permits the technician to create an extra herbal look of hair follicles.

SMP Styles and Hairline Options

There are quite a few options/patterns available. We have mentioned a number of the maximum famous below:

The Permanent Edge Up

The Edge Up is a very famous preference. With this precise procedure, it’s miles very crucial to start conservatively with the hairline. There is lots of education required earlier than beginning to create the hairline and a facet temple place first. We cautiously match the color and density exactly in the course of those methods to create the illusion of a head complete of hair with a sharp hairline, further to a strong and younger edge-up. Hairline Ink creates very pleasant edge-up patterns which might be frequently in demand via way of means of celebrities.

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Soft Hairline and Widowed Peak

Many human beings need their modern hairline lowered, replenishing in which it has receded over time, and giving the advent of fuller hair and a clean hairline. We comply with the natural hairline via way of means of layering the impressions, accordingly giving the practical look of hair without a difficult line. We make certain to healthy the ink color perfectly to that of the client, resulting in an extremely powerful and strikingly natural result.

Adding Density to Thinning Hair

Men and girls of every age have discovered Scalp Micropigmentation as their way to cover or fill in thinning hair. Thinning can bring about a wide, unwanted scalp place displaying via the hair. Typically, the character may have good insurance throughout the scalp, however the density drops because the hair loss progresses. With this centered and specialized approach, we deal with the front hairline and allow blend into your current density with a natural look. The preliminary remedy is mild and soft, growing density all through the relaxation of the thinning hair. Over more than one session, we additionally create a 3-dimensional effect, giving the advent of a herbal shadow. This approach is an incredible preference for you when you have had a hair transplant however didn’t grow to be with the preferred density.

Who is Smp For?

SMP is truly for any affected person trying to enhance the appearance in their scalp. However, there are normally 3 varieties of sufferers looking for SMP:

  • Patients with hair loss who shave their heads and need to recreate the advent of a complete head of “stubble.” This permits for a suitable framing of the face with a brand new hairline and creates the advent of a complete head of hair shaved very short.
  • Patients with thin, lengthy hair need to grow the advent of density. By making use of SMP to the scalp and darkening the pores and skin-tone, the sedation evaluation among the hair shaft and skin is reduced and the scalp is much less visible. This makes the complete area appearance thicker. This consists of patients who underwent prior hair transplant surgery.
  • Patients with scars at the scalp. These include FUE scars, and scars from past, non-surgical trauma.
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