Rogaine Made Hair Loss Worse

Rogaine Made Hair Loss Worse People who have problems with hair loss start using a lot of products. They start trying many things that are suggested to them or that they see in advertisements. One of them is rogaine. However, after using this product, they complain that it is rogaine made hair loss worse. It is surprising that the most used hair care product received so many negative reviews. So is rogaine really beneficial or harmful for hair?

What Is Rogaine?

Today, many women and men complain of hair loss. Unfortunately, the suggested drugs either don’t work well or have many side effects. That’s why experts work to restore hair health. One of them is rogaine. Rogaine; It is a kind of solution containing minoxidil. It is used for the treatment of hair loss.

What Does Rogaine Do?

The first reason for the use of this drug was to treat blood pressure patients. However, the people who used it complained of feathering after a while. The drug had such a side effect, which made doctors investigate. Then it was seen that the drug supports hair to come out by stopping hair loss due to hormonal changes it makes. The biggest reason for achieving this is the minoxidil it contains.

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Minoxidil; it is a substance that treats frequent and normal hair loss, such as androgenic alopecia. Since it nods and grows hair, it can also be recommended by some doctors after hair transplant. It is also sold in pharmacies for direct use. It can eliminate problems when applied to the scalp with the help of massage.

What Are Rogaine Side Effects?

Like any drug, it can have some side effects in rogaine. The product should be used with caution considering the purpose of its past use. If warnings are ignored, the following are the issues that may be encountered:

  • Risk of high blood pressure
  • Hairs of other parts of the body
  • Sensitivity at the nipple
  • Acne
  • Redness of the scalden
  • Dizziness
  • Skin dryness

If you have these and similar complaints, you should stop the drug immediately. It is also not recommended for people with chronic conditions. So how can people with baldness problems deal with it without losing their health?

Why Does Hair Fall?

You have to control the foods you eat, even the lifestyle, and find the real reason. It has been observed in hair transplant in Turkey studies that especially hereditary factors play a serious role in hair loss. If the men in your family have open hair, or even if they are bald, you will probably experience this situation. If you go to the doctor and your vitamin values ​​seem normal but your hair still falls out, then you are experiencing a genetic problem. Not only men but also women experience this very often. Unfortunately, with the combination of genetic and hormonal imbalance, women have to face baldness.

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What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Men complain most about hair loss on the sides. Many men experience shedding from the sides of their heads. This causes hair lines to deteriorate and go backwards. Unfortunately, it is not a male problem. The excess of the hormone called dihydrotestosterone called DHT also causes this problem in women. That’s why she starts to search for the best hair transplant centers for women. Therefore, hormone therapy should be started first.

How to Treat Baldness?

There are those who think baldness suits them, and those who want to get rid of it. If you’re not happy with the person you see when you look in the mirror, then your self-esteem is lost and your social life begins to be affected. You can have the image you want with a simple process without the need to put yourself in such a difficult situation. Hair transplant Turkey is an option preferred by both men and women thanks to the developing methods.

Hair Transplant For Baldness?

If you are not satisfied with your image and want to change it, you can get rid of baldness forever with the permanent method. Thanks to DHI and FUE, known as the best hair transplant technique, you will see that your new hair begins to form in months. If the idea of an operation sounds scary to you, you’ll notice the comfort of trading within hours.

Hair transplantation is an easy treatment if you are tired of paying tons of money for hair care products that do not meet your expectations. Moreover, your hair will be safe with an ineffective way without complaints such as rogaine made hair loss worse. Decide on the best for you, considering all the options.

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