Recovering of hair transplant, how long it takes ?

Recovering of Hair Transplant

As  everyone  knows that a hair  transplant procedure  is a very simple, easy  and none surgical operation, but  still there will be some small and  tiny wounds after the operation in both  donor and the implanted areas, however these  wounds are very tiny and variable with its width based  on the used technology with implantation, these small injuries  are due to the channels that has been opened during harvesting and  implantation, however we can say that with DHI – Choi pen it will be less and  smaller since that opening the channels is been done with a tiny needle with a tiny  diameter coperaring to the FUE where we use a wider medical scalable.

Since  that we do  everything professionally  from the beginning then your  recovery is one of the very  important steps for us after the  hair transplant procedure thus here we are explaining  your recovery steps while our consultants will be following  with you day by day and month after month until you get your  final results.

Steps of Hair Transplant Recovery:

Promptly the  operation …

You will almost certainly observe the shape of your new hairline following the hair transplant, with the follicles implanted in their new position. In any case, visually it may not be as satisfying as you may have expected as there will be scabs around every follicle. however will be small and quick to heal.

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In spite of the fact that the injury to the donor area is insignificant, there will be some symptoms, for example, swelling. This is just impermanent and will resolve within days.

The first days after your hair transplant are critical for an ideal recovery and will in the long run decide the general outcome. Thus we suggest to our patients the following:

– to avoid contacting or  touching the newly transplanted area as this could result in the dislodging our moving the grafts out  of its place or even contaminate the areas with undesirable bacteria.

– to rest in an upstanding position (tendency of 45 degrees or  100% laying on back) for the initial 3-4 nights to avoid swelling.

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During  the first  week after hair  transplant …

You may encounter some minor swelling and moderate discomfort. This is superbly typical and expected. You will be given some pain killers to enable you to help you go through this stage in case that you need it.

In fact, most patients don’t take any help with discomfort during this stage,however, medication should be used when required.

Some scabbing may show up in the donor area this is so normal and ordinary healthy  and it should be all removed during the first 2-3 days while washing.

As long as you follow the surgeon’s recommendations the transplant will quickly settle down within 7-10 days.

There’s no reason behind why you can’t return to work straight away however practically you may want to take around a 3-5 days or so off. while  you can go back to your normal routine life during this first week unless the doctors advice not to.

After  the second week  after hair transplant …

During  this time  you might realize  some redness skin or  more to a pink color for the donor and  the implanted area as well which is so normal  and will disappear soon and your skin will go back  natural as it was, while during that time your grafts  is been settled safe and secured and hairs making their way  out through the skin, however your donor area will be about to  heal 100% and the shaven hair grows back rapidly, covering the extraction points. Subsequently, the donor area will look untouched to the normal eye.

During  your fourth  week up to the  twelfth after hair  transplant …

you may see some inconsistency of hair length just as a decreased thickness. This is because of what  we call it “shedding stage”, which happens after pretty much every hair transplant regardless of where it was performed.

Many patients might feel  scared and unsatisfied starting  to inquire if their hair transplant  procedure has failed, we can tell you to  calm down and don’t worry, this is a normal part of the procedure and doesn’t mean that the grafts haven’t taken root, when the grafts is moved it temporarily ceases hair growth whilst it settles into its new place. The old hairs falling out are a natural and essential part of the life cycle and make way for new hairs to grow up.

And  after 3-4 months of  the hair transplant you  will realize that hair is growing  slowly start to be getting a good idea of the final appearance, but it can take as long as 16 months for the full hair transplant to be visible and  hair will grow up gradually.

Between  the fifth  and ninth month  after the operation …

There will be a detectable increment in hair development and a general corrective improvement, in any case, the hair transplant recovery does not finish here. You have more upgrades to anticipate, with more alternatives for hair  styles and, obviously, a more youthful appearance.

Seven to nine months into your hair transplant recovery the majority of the hairs that are to develop will have done as such, yet the upgrades will proceed.

For  long term  after 12 months   of hair transplant …

When your new hairs have set up themselves and are growing regularly, you can treat your transplanted hair precisely equivalent to your old hair. You can have your hair cu and from that point onward, if you wish, you can dye it.

A hair transplant is a permanent operation and the outcomes are for lifetime . A year or two after the hair  transplant is finished nobody will realize that you have went  under a FUE or DHI procedure and you won’t have to restrict your haircut decisions in any capacity at all.

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