Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplant, Today, celebrities go under the hair transplant operations as we do. We all know them as perfect as they can be, but they are not always this perfect. Since hair surrounds our face and is one of the most important things that affect our appearance, most of the celebrities who suffer from hair loss also go under a hair transplant procedure. 

Since a hair transplant operation is the best and permanent solution for hair loss, it is not a surprise that most of them own their perfect bushy hair to hair transplantation operations. Here are some well-known celebrities that went under hair transplant operation.

Elon Musk Hair Transplantation

We all know Elon Musk as a man of success. He is not only a great scientist and entrepreneur but also very good looking. Have you ever wondered how he has such great hair while working under that much stress and running a billion-dollar company? Well, let us tell you; he went under a hair transplantation surgery.

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You might not remember, but did you know that Mr Musk once had a balding head? If you go through his old pictures from the 90’s you will notice that he was losing hair at the front third of his head at that time. It was pretty clear that he was balding when he was only in his late twenties.

If you look closer, you might see that he was not only losing his hair in the crown area but also gradually all over his head. It is highly possible that he would be completely bald by now if he did not do anything about it. He might be quiet about his hair, but it is obvious that he owns his gorgeous hair to the hair transplantation. He is real-life proof of how much hair can change one’s look.

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

If you are a fan of football, you probably know who Wayne Rooney is. The famous football player currently confirmed that he went under hair transplantation operation. He said he was going bald at the age of twenty-five and gained his bushy hair back thanks to the hair transplantation operations.

The former Manchester United star was suffering from male pattern hair loss. Unfortunately, he started to lose his hair at a very young age. This situation would affect anyone, especially if you are young. Successful football player did something very clever and went under the hair transplant surgery to gain his natural-looking hair back. Rooney also claimed that the is delighted with the results.

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Elton John Hair Transplant

Sir Elton John is another well-known star who went under the hair transplant operation. Even at the beginning years of his fame, the media was criticizing him about his balding hair. If you search his old pictures from the 70s, you will notice that he was losing a significant amount of his hair at a very young age. Thus, he decided to go under hair transplantation.

The famous star is not shy talking about his hair transplantation experiences. His first experience, which was in the 70s, was a disaster. He said he suffered too much and the results were not good enough. Of course, back in that time, the techniques of hair transplant operations were not his advanced. But, not only the technique was very old fashioned, but also he made a wrong choice of doctor. As in any surgical operation, hair transplantation should be done by a qualified, experienced doctor in a well-equipped hygienic facility. Sir John’s first bad experience is a reminder for how important is a doctor when it comes to surgical operations such as hair transplantation.

After a bad first experience, Mr John tried to hide his balding hair with wigs, which he claims were very uncomfortable and did not feel or look natural at all. Later, he decided to go under another hair transplantation with an experienced doctor this time. Today, we can see that he has bushy healthy hair and this time he is absolutely satisfied with the results.

The keyword for hair transplant operations is experience. In the hands of an experienced doctor, you will not feel any pain or discomfort; also, you will get the perfect hair you always desire. If you would like to go under a hair transplant operation, please contact our experienced team. Our greatest reference is the happy patients that we have treated before.


Is a hair transplant painful?

No, it is not. Our doctors are using anaesthesia while performing hair transplantation. So, you will not be feeling anything.

Can I go under the hair transplant the second time?

Yes, you can if you had an unsuccessful hair transplant operation before we would be more than happy to help. You can consult our doctors for a detailed explanation.

Are results permanent?

Yes. If hair transplantation is done by an experienced doctor, the results will be permanent and also very natural.

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