Pcos Alopecia 

Pcos Alopecia  Alopecia a disease that causes hair loss in hairy areas such as hair, beard, eyelashes and eyebrows and is symptom-free. It can also be seen at a young age. Men and women can be seen in everyone. The cause is not exactly known. It is thought to be caused by autoimmune causes. This for reason, it can be said that it is a kind of immune disease. It is also thought that it may be genetic. Hair transplantation, which is seen as a solution to this disease, is also a practice recommended by experts.

Hormone Effect On Pcos Alopecia

This disease can be caused by a disorder in female hormones. Hair loss is caused by problems with these hormones. It is  seen in women of productive age. It is an endocrine disorder. Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety can od especially be triggers. If you are experiencing extraordinary  hair loss, it is definitely useful to consult an obstetrician. With the hair transplant, you can destroy the image of the patch on the hair caused by this problem.

What Causes Generally Alopecia?

Although the exact cause is unknown, it is believed that some diseases and risk factors affect alopecia. These diseases and factors;

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  • Eczema
  • Chronic Inflammatory Thyroid Disease
  • Addison’s disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Lupus
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Down Syndrome

It is generally guessed that this occurred for these reasons. Hair loss usually begins on the scalp. There may be shedding of eyelashes, eyebrows, armpits, beards and even pubic hair. There may be changes in the nail structure. The cause must be investigated. Hair transplantation can be performed in areas where hair loss occurs. Alopecia patients can resort to this method.

Treatment Of Alopecia

Treatment of alopecia disease should be done by skin specialists. The goal of treatment is to stop the progression of the disease and reduce its fierceness. At the advanced stage, steroid therapy is performed. Immunotherapy is performed if it is caused by the immune system. Appropriate treatment should be done for the cause.

In addition, hair transplantation is also used for treatment in patients with alopecia. The goal here is to make hair multiply. Alopecia caused by shedding is disturbing in terms of the appearance of the person. This for reason, hair transplantation method is an application that increases a person’s self-confidence. Alopecia patients are treated with the appropriate technique. The doctor himself will make the clearest guidance on this topic.

Ways To Heal The Scalp 

Applications for healing the scalp will prevent hair loss. With these applications, you will greatly protect your hair health. These applications;

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  • Rinse: Hair should be rinsed very well after shampoo. Chemical residues cause serious damage to hair.
  • Correct comb: It is necessary to avoid the use of a hard hairy brush. A proper comb should be used.
  • Correct Food: Care should be taken to consume enough and balanced vitamins and minerals.
  • Psychological goodness: It’s important to stay away from stress factors. stress can cause many diseases in the body, as well as alopecia.

Some techniques like this prevent hair loss by protecting your scalp.

Treatment Of Alopecia With Hair Transplantation

Alopecia patients prefer the method of hair transplantation because they are uncomfortable with their appearance. Hair transplantation method is applied as a last resort in alopecia disease. If all treatment methods are applied but there is no recovery this method is applied but with this application quite successful results have also been achieved on patients with alopecia. Hair formation has been observed again in areas with hair loss. This also has been a great hope in alopecia patients. Because a half-bald image is an image that will make everyone unhappy. in this context can be effective on alopecia.

Hair Transplantation Treatment In Turkey

Hair loss problem is largely prevented with hair transplantation treatment. At the same time, shed hair begins to form again. This operation is performed by specialist doctors. In Turkey, it is quite developed in this topic. The best hair tranplantation is performed by clinics located in Turkey. The most accurate technique is determined for your hair and this method is applied. This method is determined by the hair analysis performed. There are many methods.

The DHI method is the most prevalent used and best method. Doctors in Turkey apply this method successfully. Many patients from home and abroad are very happy with the results. If you also have hair loss problems for any reason, you can choose hair transplant treatment. Your hair will be much denser and healthier. Your sadness leave aside due to hair loss! Now you will be able to have great hair thanks to hair transplantation. This for, you can get help from clinics located in Turkey. You can get the necessary information. Pcos Alopecia

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