Do Wearing Hats Cause Baldness?

Do Wearing Hats Cause Baldness? Hair loss s also a big cause of anxiety among many people. Since our hair is a big part of our image, losing it might hurt our confidence and make our life a little harder when it is already quite hard sometimes. Over the years our body goes through certain changes. With years our follicles which determine the growth and strength of our hair weaken and become devoid of strength to nurture healthy and strong hair, which means losing your hair.

This is an issue that makes people look into the beginning points of hair loss and solutions for regaining their hair. There are many people who believe theories that deal with the loss of hair, hearsay, and false beliefs. One example is “wearing hats, ball caps, etc. causing loss of hair”. While there might be some ways wearing some kind of cover on your head or any kind of hat may result in a little bit of lost hair, this is quite rare.

Do Wearing Hats Cause Baldness?

Do Wearing Hats Cause Baldness? Using hats that fit your head loosely won’t result in any kind of baldness either complete or partial. But wearing really tight hats might increase lost hair because of friction. Because follicles are torn off due to these follicles on your scalp being pulled off. Hair loss or alopecia stemming from this reason is named traction alopecia or simply traction. This is completely avoidable and even when this happens many people don’t make a big deal of it.

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The only thing you have to do against this kind of hair loss is wearing the right size hats. Another way of hair loss caused by wearing hats is scalp infections. If you don’t clean your headwear regularly, your scalp might get infected which in turn weakens your follicles. If you use your headwear correctly and keep it clean, there is no problem whatsoever with wearing any kind of headwear, so relax and accessorize to your heart’s content.

While hats may be as innocent as they can be on the topic of hair loss, losing hair is still a  dire issue. And there are many problems  While hair transplant nowadays employs the best hair transplant techniques available. These techniques are quite simple but the resulting operation is quite simple and refined.

Issues That Result In lost hair

Losing hair might have many reasons. We can count issues that cause losing hair as,

  • Heredity: Hereditary factors manifesting themselves over the years is easily the most widespread issue that results in baldness. The scientific name for this issue is Androgenic alopecia. Often, losing your hair because of hereditary factors happens step by step while showing many predictable patterns in the process. Hairline recedes bit by bit each day, bald spots are commonly seen in men. A hair transplant easily solves this issue.
  • Medical issues or issues stemming from hormonal anomalies: Adjustments our body goes through the stem from hormonal changes that our body does on its own or from external adjustments. Hormonal changes our body goes through during childbirth, menopause, or pregnancy and hormonal issues such as thyroid problems may also result in loss of hair. Scalp infections, the immune system rejecting all hair on the body, etc. may also cause loss of your hair.
  • Drugs and diet: Some harmful addictives, while causing addiction, sickness, and even death may also be guilty of making you lose your hair. Also, chemical medications, which we usually have to take, are also found to result in losing hair. Dietary preferences are another one of a huge factor in having healthy hair.
  • Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy, often applied to treat cancer, more times than not results in people losing their hair. Hair sometimes doesn’t grow back after the treatment even if it grows back, sometimes its’ health is lost forever.
  • Trauma (either emotional or physical): Emotionally scarring incidents, such as being shocked, etc., and trauma especially on the head area may result in partial or even complete baldness. Thankfully, hair loss due to these reasons is usually temporary and hair regrows after this condition passes. But there are incidents permanence of hair loss is seen.
  • Excessive hairstyling: This reason for hair loss especially coupled with lots of harmful chemicals can be permanent. Treatments on your hair should always be done by or under the supervision of experts with strict control.

Can we prevent hair loss?

While preventative measures might stop losing your hair, losing hair due to heredity, and aging usually cannot be avoided. So yes, you are more prone to losing your hair if your father has hair loss. Thankfully, technology has advanced enough to solve this problem. For unavoidable cases of hair loss, we offer the best hair transplant in Turkey while employing the best hair transplant techniques with our expert staff.

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Hair Transplant Operation

In some cases, hair loss can be completely preventable. By using hair care products recommended by experts in the field, hair loss can be a worry of the past. We offer the best hair care products available on the market for competitive prices. While in some cases baldness may be permanent and for gaining your lustrous hair back, you might need to go through a hair transplant operation. For this kind of loss of your hair, we offer the best hair transplant in Turkey for affordable prices. Do Wearing Hats Cause Baldness?

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