My Hair Stopped Growing Female

My Hair Stopped Growing Female It is an essential accessory for our hair image. Long and shiny hair is a sign of being healthy. That’s why we spend a lot of time at home or at the hair salon to care for our hair. Although the effect is seen in the early days, the length of the hair remains the same over time. Specifically, women are starting to ask the same question why my hair stopped growing female. What can be done for hair growth?

Why Doesn’t Hair Grow?

If more hair is falling out or if it is growing very slowly, there may be various causes. Stress, medication or an unbalanced diet are often blamed for this. Hair loss is very often hormonal or hereditary. Hair loss as a sign of illness is only spoken of when more than 100 hairs are lost per day. Many men, but also almost every fifth woman, suffer from hair loss. Menopausal women in particular have to struggle with sometimes massive hair loss or insufficient hair volume. Thin, brittle, or dull, colorless hair can also be signs of excessive hair loss and growth disorders. Hair problems can be easily dealt with with hair transplant treatment.

Slowly Growing Hair Reason

If your hair grows slowly, you should pay attention to the issues that our best hair transplant experts draw attention to.

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  • Diet: What you eat also affects hair health and growth. If there is a lack of iron, hair grows more slowly or even falls out. Vitamin E is also important for hair.
  • Stress: The body reacts to stress in many ways. What is not really needed is cut back. Fast hair growth is not vital to the body.
  • Scalp: A prerequisite for healthy hair growth is a healthy and intact scalp. Neither too dry nor too fat is good.
  • Hair breakage: Perhaps your hair is growing normally and still not getting any longer. Then hair breakage and split ends can be responsible.
  • Metabolic Diseases: Metabolic diseases also affect hair growth. If you do not find the cause of slow hair growth yourself, you should ask a doctor for advice.

First of all, one myth needs to be cleared up: there is no magic drug that can be put on the hair that accelerates hair growth. The definitive solution for hair that you have fallen out of is only hair transplant in Turkey. The fact is: As a rule, every human head hair grows 1.2 centimeters per month. No trick can change that. But if you have the feeling that your hair is growing badly, breaks off quickly and does not reach length, this effect is often due to an unhealthy scalp or poor diet.

How Grows Hair?

The hair roots are very metabolically active. The cells of the hair root are among the fastest dividing cell tissues. The newly emerging cells take the place of the previous cells and push them up in the hair root canal. This is how healthy and strong hair grows millimeter by millimeter. A hair grows non-stop for up to eight years, depending on genetic predisposition. Only then does it fail. It is therefore advisable to regularly strengthen the hair roots, but also to properly care for the hair and scalp at hair transplant in Turkey.

Healthy Scalp For Growing Hair

Only when healthy hair comes out of the scalp and has a strengthened root will it be more permanently anchored in the skin and thus can grow longer. The number of years after which hair falls is usually genetically determined, but the more unhealthy the scalp, the faster it goes. Genetic factors are a situation that should not be ignored even in the best hair transplant technique.

When the hair grows stronger from the scalp, it looks thicker and this density makes hair look longer immediately. Yes, it takes time  but in the long term, it is worth taking care of the scalp. If you have problems, you should massage a mixture of peppermint, tea tree and lemon oil into the scalp for about ten minutes about once a week and then wash it off thoroughly. Experts preheat the oil to body temperature so that it can be absorbed more easily.

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Grow Hair with Hair Transplant

It is difficult to grow your hair again after chemotherapy or medication. And mostly results in failure. Because for this and similar reasons, hair lyn roots are not expected to grow on their own. Instead, you can grow your hair naturally by performing hair transplantation on bald areas.  And you don’t have to deal with tons of products by saying my hair stopped growing female.

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