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Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding leave traces behind. A woman’s body changes a lot, so often that she can no longer achieve her body shape before pregnancy. The upper and lower body parts often lose theit thinness and firmness. Most of the time, it is not enough to regain the jersey you want to do sports. You can find the place for you by searching for mommy makeover price.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding put too much strain on the body. Exercising alone cannot repair that much tissue damage. Mommy makeover is a combination of various plastic surgeries that aims at correcting the physical scars of pregnancy and breastfeeding. This system, which accepts the principle of complete regeneration of the body, aims to restore the old appearance to mothers who are not satisfied with their bodies with the help of plastic surgery. In this way, mommy makeover price is among the frequently asked questions.

What Are the Problems a Mommy Makeover Can Address to?

Especially saggy breasts, an irregular and soft abdomen and excess skin in the mentioned body areas are the problems of many mothers. Changes in the genital area (for example, enlargement of the labia) can also become a burden. We can treat all these complaints as a part of maternal aesthetics. Breast lift and tightening of sagging areas, breast implants are common applications.

We also offer tummy tuck surgery and liposuction as well as genital area treatment to people who ask for a mommy makeover price. The best part of these surgeries is the healing of stretch marks and cesarean section scars. The scars become less visible and go unnoticed over time. The surgeon determines the most appropriate treatment for the person by examination.

Weight Loss After Mommy Makeover

Maternity aesthetics consists of several individual interventions that must be done and evaluated separately. These surgeries do not make you lose weight. On the contrary, you are expected to drop to a fixed weight before the operation. If you continue to gain weight, surgeries may lose their effectiveness. Your mommy makeover price research also loses its meaning.

Some specialists do not carry out all of the above processes at once, because each of them is a burden on the body. Instead, they can create a separate chart for each patient. We can usually combine breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries in a single operation. Before starting the surgery, the doctor should explain every detail to the patient and clarify which surgeries are appropriate.

Is a Mommy Makeover Painful? 

We can only start the preparation of the treatment plan after some reflection and careful selection. It is also very important to consider the pain you will experience. This situation, which affects mommy makeover price, may vary according to the state of your health. It is important to plan adequate recovery time after each operation so that you won’t overload your body. This means that the whole process can take several months.

After the operation, you need to rest for a while and take time for yourself. During this time, you should lie down without moving too much and go for walks that will not tire yourself. It is important that your husband or children are understanding. For this reason, we do not recommend it for people who have very young children or who have just given birth. Waiting at least 1 year after birth allows your body to rest. If you are doing mommy makeover price research, you should make sure that your time is up.

How to Perform a Mommy Makeover?

There are several criteria that must be met before a mother can undergo comprehensive treatment. This is primarily about your weight. If the person’s weight is higher than expected, it is recommended to lose weight with healthy eating and sports. If the patient cannot do this, then the surgery is not performed. This is especially important in order to obtain a satisfactory and long-lasting result in tummy tuck surgery, where excess skin is removed.

Apart from the mommy makeover price, our patients are curious about the procedure. The operation is performed under anesthesia and the person does not feel any pain. If the patient’s health is strong, we can combine the surgeries. But in general, we can perform operations on 2 separate days. This is a way of making time for the patient to come to himself. Some surgeries are painful. So it’s best to wait.

What Is Usually Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Not all treatments are equally necessary for everyone. Sometimes two interventions may be sufficient to give the patient the desired shape, sometimes three. The surgeon should evaluate each woman individually. The surgeon listens carefully to what the patient wants and needs. After giving information about the mommy makeover price, they decide together.

In between surgery, breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, stretch marks and cesarean section scar treatment and labia correction. We might not be able to apply these surgeries to everyone at the same time. While some people only have tummy tuck, some people experience all these problems. In such a case, the doctor needs to make a very good planning. We set a day make sure we do not endanger the health of the patient and talk about the mommy makeover price.

Mommy Makeover Price in Turkey

The body changes a lot during pregnancy. Weight gain, stretch marks and an enlarged chest are the norm. Birth itself also affects the body, both normal birth and cesarean section can leave scars. Breastfeeding puts a lot of strain on the breasts and especially the nipples. When you stop breastfeeding, the breasts will sag and the nipples will be out of alignment.

Before this surgery, mothers should be absolutely sure that they do not want to have more children. Getting pregnant again after treatment changes the body again and therefore you may lose the results. That’s why you should consider whether you want to get pregnant again before you get information about mommy makeover prices in Turkey.

Mommy makeover prices range from $5,000 to $20,000 in the US. However, mommy makeover prices are much more affordable in Turkey.  Mommy makeover prices differ from process to process in Turkey.  For further information you can always contact us via WhatsApp. You can get a price in just 5 minutes.

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