I Can Feel My Hair Falling Out

I Can Feel My Hair Falling Out Shaker hair, secret rat corners and bald spots: hair loss is annoying, but no one has to put up with it. These remedies and therapies slow down hair loss and boost growth. Many people complain about i can feel my hair falling out. This is normal and not a cause for concern at first. After six years, every hair says goodbye. And a new one is growing. So we lose about a hundred hairs a day. Temporarily, there may be more. In spring or autumn, more hair usually falls out. Hormonal fluctuations can also temporarily lighten the head.

Hair Falling Problems

However, if the hairs are honed collars and pillows or they hang in the brush, then this is a bad sign. There are many reasons for the shrinkage: In some people, the hair roots are particularly sensitive to hormones. Or they suffer from iron deficiency. Also various medications can go on the hair. Experts do not speak of morbid hair loss until you lose more than a hundred hairs a day over a longer period of time.

Hair Falling Treatment

Experts distinguish four different types of morbid hair loss. They can affect men and women alike: Plant-related hair loss usually manifests itself in the form of secret council corners, light hair at the back of the head or hair loss at the apex. Circular hair loss begins with coin-sized bald spots. With diffuse hair loss, too many hairs go out everywhere. In such a situation, waiting longer will bring you one step closer to hair transplant. Therefore, you should not neglect to get help from a specialist doctor.

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Hereditary Hair Loss

Did you have a receding hairline as a young man? Or is the hair thinning on the back of your head? Perhaps your grandfather, father, and uncle had thinning hair too. Then you are likely to suffer from hereditary hair loss. However, thanks to the best hair transplant, the effects of hereditary hair loss can be reduced. The methods used have been effective for years and have confirmed their permanence. This means that the hair cells are more sensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair roots suffer from this. If they die off completely, the corresponding areas remain bare.

Diffuse Hair Falling

You are slowly but surely losing your hair all over your head. You can already see your scalp. Then you may have diffuse hair loss. With a little luck it will pass. Because your hair is not destroyed. Their growth is only hindered. A disease can be to blame for this, but also a lack of iron or protein. A high fever can trigger hair loss, as can serious surgery or a so-called crash diet. Even for specialists, the cause is not easy to find. Also possible are:

  • Infections such as the flu or tuberculosis,
  • impaired function of the thyroid gland,
  • hormonal changes shortly after giving birth or after stopping the pill,
  • Medication, such as after chemotherapy, or heparin injections that thin the blood,
  • Poisoning or environmental influences.

Our specialist doctors in hair transplant Turkey centers first try to find the cause of hair loss in many patients. Because if this process is temporary, the transplanted hair will fall out.

Is Hair Transplant Suitable For Hair Loss?

People with hair loss try to regrow their hair in many ways. Knowing why the hair falls out is very important for the process. You should wait for a while and medications should be taken regularly with the advice of doctors. With various hair care products, hair loss can be stopped and regrowth can be achieved. However, if your doctor tells you that the hair loss is genetic or it is impossible to regrow hair in your balding areas, then hair transplant in Turkey will help you.

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Hair Transplant Methods

Thanks to the DHI and FUE the best hair transplant technique used, it is possible to get rid of baldness completely. These methods no longer make operations difficult and scary. It is possible to return to your daily life after a short time without a process that takes days. At the same time, since smaller interventions will be made on your scalp, your pain will be less after the procedure.

The method to be operated by the patients is determined after the doctor’s control. A decision is made by considering the condition of the hair structure, the width of the bald areas and the health problem of the patient. In both methods applied, patients find a solution to the problem of i can feel my hair falling out.

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