How Long Does Implantation Process Take?

How Long Does Implantation Process Take?

Many people choose to have implants to fix their tooth issues. But before starting this treatment, they wonder how long does implantation process take or how long the implant will last. Before beginning treatment, our specialized doctors will do a comprehensive examination to ensure that your mouth is in good health.

This is mostly determined on your dental form and health. You can begin your therapy right away after your doctor has given his or her approval. This procedure is used to ensure that your gums and jawbone are healthy enough to sustain an implant. As a result, our medical professionals will create the best approach for your situation.

About the Implantation Process

The titanium implant will be implanted in your jaw bone, just behind the gums, by your physician. Each implantation procedure will take around 1-2 hours on average. If you’re not going for a ‘Completed in One Day’ type of operation, most dentists will wait around three months after this phase is completed before doing the final restoration of the tooth replacement.

The implant is carried out in two stages. Preparation for the implant is the first step, and the titanium implant is expected to integrate into your bone for a few months in the second stage. It is conducted under local anesthetic, and a single implant takes around 10-15 minutes to create. This may be measured by the amount of time the patient spends sitting in the chair. An implant takes only 3-4 minutes to complete from start to finish. During this time, the patient is not in any discomfort. That part of my body is absolutely numb.

Preparation for the Implantation

Your doctor will prepare you for surgery after the checkup is completed. The initial stage in the implant procedure is operation. The titanium implant will be placed in your jawbone, right in your gums, by your dentist.

For each tooth implant, the procedure generally takes a few hours on average. Most dentists recommend waiting 3 months after surgery for the denture to settle in. The recuperation time is critical for the dental implant’s success. The implant must adapt to the bone in order to be strong enough to support the structure of your mouth.

The dental implant treatment would most likely take three to nine months from starting to end. The duration of treatment is determined by your oral conditions. If you have a poor dental health, such as if you have osteoporosis or gum disease, you first need to eliminate those factors. The time it takes to finish this surgery is also affected by the implant technique your dentist utilizes.

Then you should see your dentist for regular examinations to verify that the implant is functioning correctly and that it is clean and healthy. Your dentist will be able to see and correct possible issues if you get at least biannual dental checks.

To summarize, the answer of the question ‘how long does implantation process take ’ is, it will roughly be under a year if you have the perfect conditions. It includes the healing process as well. You must consider in the time it takes to complete and plan the many phases included in the dental implant procedure, which might take several months from start to end. Talking to your dentist is the best method to figure out how long the procedure will take for you.

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