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Hair Replacement

A critical factor in having a good appearance and self-confidence is having healthy hair, as it can also affect social life. Several factors influence the growth and strength of hair, and some of these factors can also lead to baldness. Statistics say that 1 in every three individuals will experience hair loss at some stage in their lives. A microsurgical procedure conducted under operating room conditions is hair transplantation. It is considered to be the most effective and lasting solution so far.

So are you looking for a hair replacement clinic near you? Where can I have a transplant? Before you make your decision, there are several significant factors you should consider:

  • Check Surgeon Credentials: Check the experience of hair transplantation surgeons and the relevant qualifications and affiliation with relevant societies, such as the International Hair Restoration Surgery Society (ISHRS). Are surgeons specialized in FUE or DHI (modern, minimally invasive methods of hair transplantation)?
  • Which hair transplantation techniques are available: Are the FUE and DHI advanced hair transplants used? Is U-FUE, Unshaven Hair Transplant, a public option? Does the clinic have a trichology department (if your hair loss is premature, you may be referred to a trichologist to cure scalp and hair issues)?
  • A Face-to-Face consultation is offered: All reputable surgeons will require you to have a pre-procedure face-to-face consultation during which your scalp should be evaluated, and reasonable expectations should be provided.
  • Aftercare: Figure out how and how many follow-up appointments are given, including the aftercare provided.
  • Are specialist techniques utilized: For example, our company’s surgeons use a specific approach to FUE, whereby only the healthiest of follicular units are picked. To achieve natural-looking outcomes, they are then transplanted in the same direction your hair grows.
  • Check Before and After Images: One of the most significant research tasks to pursue, seeing before and after photos gives real proof of what is possible to obtain with that clinic. Are outcomes natural-looking and densely packed?
  • Check Patient Reviews: It is an excellent source of research to find outpatients’ first-hand accounts of the clinic, providing an insight into the overall experience and outcomes that can be obtained. Reviews may be found on the clinic website and sources such as consumer review websites.
  • Check Clinic Certifications: Figure out if the clinic provides medical facilities registered with CQC.

The effectiveness of a hair transplant is, like any other operation, linked to the selection of the hair transplant center and the hair transplant expert. With experienced and confident doctors and health centers that take into account the international standards of hygiene, you will get results that meet your expectations. For this reason, you should not hesitate to inquire about every aspect of the procedure while you are looking for the best clinic and surgeon. Before having a hair transplant operation that changes your entire look, you can begin by looking at the hair transplant center and the surgeon by asking these questions:

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  • Do I get a free review and free consultation from the hair transplant clinic?
  • In a hair transplant center, how long does the procedure take, and how many sessions?
  • What is the satisfaction level of patients with the hair transplant clinic?
  • Is there a postoperative follow-up at the clinic for hair transplants?

About the expert for hair transplantation:

  • What do I know about a hair transplant surgeon’s expertise?
  • What is the degree of effectiveness reached by unique hair transplants?
  • What are the suggestions made to this specialist by patients who have had a hair transplant?

During the selection and the search process, all these questions will assist you. Besides, planning questions according to your needs and expectations will help you provide a clear picture of the operation’s intended outcomes. In addition to these questions, do not forget to ask for photographs of previous clients in the chosen clinic who did the hair transplantation. In this field, the experience of a surgeon is significant. The required hair transplant technique (FUE, DHI, or Robotic) should be determined for you. The choice of a specialist is critical at this point.

Experienced surgeons should do all the hair transplant methods; this is a prerequisite for achieving the anticipated good results. A professional medical team should conduct the procedure, and the hair transplant would be performed according to the patient’s characteristics. This is why a detailed examination is not a waste of time for an experienced specialist.

  • Do not ignore the Hair Transplant Clinic’s popularity!

Social media offers valuable information on the hair transplant specialist, the health center, and the facilities. Do not forget to search the chosen hair transplant clinic’s social media pages for detailed and recent information, before and after photos, and reviews of patients.

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Social media accounts can help you choose, especially if you are a foreign patient and can not directly communicate with the hair transplant centers. It is also necessary to contact hair transplant centers via social media accounts or chat apps. Communication with the center should be straightforward and accessible in different languages.

  • In the selection of the hair transplant center, costs should not be the only factor to consider.

Depending on the town, nation, the method used, the hair transplant center, and the specialist, hair transplant costs vary. Although the budget allocated by a person who wants to undergo a hair transplant affects selecting a hair transplant center, price should not be the only deciding factor for a natural and safe outcome.

When choosing, all considerations such as expenditures, the equipment used, specialist experience, and anticipated success rate should be considered. Consequently, it is incorrect to relate high or low costs to the process’s success rate.

  • In hair transplantation, why is the selection of a health center crucial? 

Hair transplantation is a process that must be conducted using modern equipment and by an experienced surgeon in a safe setting. Hair transplantation, the effectiveness of which depends on these factors, must therefore be performed in a health center that meets all these requirements.

  • In the process of a hair transplant, why is the choice of a hair transplant specialist significant? 

The most significant factor impacting the procedure’s progress from start to finish is the hair transplant specialist. All these techniques should be used by an experienced expert and the importance of physical and technical environments. In many stages, from the hairline’s design, the determination of the method of hair transplantation, the technique, and the aftercare tips of the method, the hair transplant specialist decides the process’s fate. Thus in the process of hair transplantation, the choice of experts is of great importance.

  • What should I expect from the center for hair transplants? 

It is important to make sure that it can completely fulfill your demands and needs when selecting a hair transplant center. For hygiene and specialist expertise, hair transplantation should be prioritized. Before, during, and after the treatment, make sure you select a health center that offers help.

  • What should I anticipate from a specialist hair transplant? 

In his profession, the hair transplant specialist must be qualified and have conducted multiple operations with a high success rate, prioritizing the patient’s desires and needs as well. Considering the comments of this specialist’s previous patients and their satisfaction levels, and photographs before/after the procedure can give you a clear view of the specialist.

  • When selecting a hair transplant center, what should patients from abroad consider? 

The location and reputation of the center in hair transplantation, the degree of satisfaction of previous patients, and the services offered by the clinic should be researched by patients coming from abroad. Hair transplant centers that provide transportation, translation, and lodging services should be given priority. It is an important factor to quickly contact the health center before and after leaving the country.

At our company, we use the most advanced and the newest methods to cure all types of hair loss conditions. If you want to learn more about procedures or others, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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